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10 Mobile Apps to Manage Your Finance Wisely

In this era of digitalization and technological advancement, it has become easier for us to manage our finance more comfortably. You have no more to go to the bank to pay the bill. Even you can avoid switching on to your personal computer or laptop.

There are several mobile applications which allow us for the effective finance management at once with ease. Personal mobile apps have made us carry on certain responsibilities of paying bills in time as well as be within our budget.

Those also help us to track our account balance. What you need is to get a fast internet connection and get registered to these applications, although there may be some limitations regarding countries. Let’s look at these 10 mobile applications along with their special features:


One of the most popular finance mobile apps is Mint from mint.com, although it is limited to the United States of America and Canada. Once you get connected to the internet facility and registered to this app, it will allow you to manage your account and even provide you with alerts when you cross the limit of your budget.

No manual effort is needed to classify your transactions because this app would automatically update the status. The most interesting is that Mint is free to use, as it is run by advertisement services.

But, it keeps the track of all the details related to your account, such as when you pay the due bills, the ATM fees, loans, mortgage, credit cards, and how much interest you earn etc.

Its 128-bit SSL encryption allows users to stay safe. You can also check the graphs of your finances. Besides, from personal recommendations, you can find savings.


Qapital is one of the best money saving apps. With this personal mobile financial application Qapital, you can save up your money through your routine small actions just like a part of a game.

To access to the facilities, a new savings account should be opened through this app. After that, all the difficulties are over. This application is available on Web, iPad, iPhone, and Android.


Learn Vest is a mobile financial app which is free to use, but it allows the users to enjoy its premium membership plans for the ongoing process. And for this, you can get directly related with a financial advisor.

The premium membership plan ranges from $19 along with the activating fees of $299 per month. You can have enough materials for financial education as per your requirement; you can select the topics as you think required. It is available on iPhone and Web.


With this free mobile application Venmo, you can easily send payments to your friends as well as receive cash from your friends. For its functioning, it has become one of the leading payment systems provided by mobile applications.

But you should activate the private mode for your account’s safety because you are able to swap cash among your friends. It is available on iPhone, Web, and Android.



PayPal is also a free mobile application through which you can manage your finance smartly. Just sign up for PayPal and follow the instructions as sent to your email address.

On your dashboard, you can view your transaction details including receiving and sending payments, sending payment requests along with messages, and shopping online etc. Moreover, it can transfer your payment to your specified bank account in your desired currency within 7 to 21 days.

First time, your payment can be under pending status for at least 21 days. After that, you are free from every hurdle. From your amount, a little amount is deducted as its service charge. You can also gather details on taxation from this application.

PayPal is one of the safe & secured methods for managing personal finances; it is available on Web, Windows Phone, iPhone, and Android. It also accepts payments on your website. Through its off-line mode, you can obtain your balance by using your PayPal debit card.

Budget Boss

Are you tired of the complicated system and time consuming methods of mobile applications? Do you need something else like easy, smart, and simple at the same time?

Don’t worry. Here is Budget Boss for you at 99 cents; it will facilitate you to budget, evaluate, and plan your finance properly, thus leading you to save your time with intelligence. But the drawback of this app is that it is available only on iPhone.

Stash Invest

You can avail this Stash Invest on your iPhone at $1 per month. Users can start investment with the help of it. But it is free for those under the investment of $5,000 during the first three months. After that, you have to pay $1 per month.

Those investors above $5,000 are expected to pay 0.25% from their net account balance yearly. With Stash Invest, you can switch on to buy, sell, and monitor your investment funds with a minimum of $5 along with extra features; there are also the notification options.

The most interesting feature is that it allows you to start investment quickly. But, it is available only on iPhone.


Through Goodbudget finance application, you can smartly manage your credits and debits by creating envelopes for each type of category which is supposed to fall under your budget, such like shopping, transportation, education, medicine, and groceries etc.

It helps the users to keep record of their expenses for each category, thus making them capable to remain within their budget in a simple way. This app can be downloaded on iPhone and Android.

Credit Karma

Credit Karma is a mobile app which offers free credit scores and reports. At the same time, you can keep tracks of your expenditure by connecting your credit card and bank account to this app. It also offers services for auto insurance and mortgages.

There are around 32 million customers who make use of this app worldwide; this measurement can also exceed. From this popularity, the company earned the profit of $75 million last September, and this would reach to $1 billion for the company fund.

Users can download this app on iPhone and Android.

In addition to the above mobile apps, there are also many like Wally, Digit, Acorn, Expense Tracker 2.0- Financial Assistant, Pocket Expense Personal Finance, Money Control, HomeBudget Lite, Live Expenses, Spendee, Dollarbird, Next- Expense Tracking, Manilla, OnBudget, and Visual Budget etc.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed this reading on mobile financial apps. Smooth you planning and budget your finance.

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