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10 Tips to Save Money on Tech

The truth is, tech products are expensive. When you buy a product new, you are often times spending a lot more than the device is actually worth. Buying tech products doesn’t have to be expensive.

With a few money-saving tips, you can do a lot less damage to your pocket.

Here are 10 Tips to save money on tech:

Buy online

Look out for huge discounts from the big online retailers. Keep an eye on social media and subscribe to their mailing lists and newsletters. They’ll often time their offers around the festivities at Good Friday, Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Diwali and others. Be patient, keep trying all the big and less obvious names and don’t jump at the first offer you see.

Sell your old gadgets

If you’re replacing an existing device, advertise it for sale. It’s easier than ever to sell online – locally, nationally or worldwide for auctions or offers. Don’t wait – it won’t be some use to you or your family in the future.

Last year’s model loses its value quickly. Find, buy and see your old gadgets here.

cardboard-box-14224951Keep the packaging

When your new device arrives, don’t tear everything open in a mad frenzy. Open all the packaging carefully, and keep it and all the manuals and paperwork like new. When sell it on, a nicely presented item can add huge value to the sale price.

Avoid the upgrade madness

Some people have to get a new gadget as soon as it launches, even well in advance of that, and no matter what the price. That’s a huge risk as there will be bugs and technical problems. It may be a duffer and you won’t know before any proper reviews have appeared. One of the best ways to save money is not to upgrade at all.

Take your time and know you really want the new device. Will it have features you need and your current device lacks? Are you happy with your phone anyway, does it do what you want it to? Fully informed and with a bit of patience, it’s easy to step off the upgrade treadmill.

clock-14263591Wait for the right time

Prices fluctuate through the year. Christmas is a huge driver of launch dates and waiting into the New Year usually saves a big wedge of cash. Apple tends to launch iPhones in September and iPads in November, and look for patterns in their rivals’ launch schedules too. Track price trends through the year and sweet spots will appear.

Go for an older refurbished gadget, and upgrade it with the latest features.

Find a reputable supplier of reconditioned devices and you’ll save a fortune on something that really is as good as new. Seek advice and reviews; avoid anyone or anything with any kind of question mark as there are plenty more out there.  Find, buy and see your old gadgets here

If you have a few tech skills and want to learn something, you could upgrade an older Android phone yourself by rooting its software. Or sometimes you can physically add greater memory or cell capacity. It’s a little risky but more adventurous and much more fun. How long does a new phone stay on the factory settings anyways?

Save money on cables

Branded digital cables, connectors, HDMI and power leads always carry a premium for the brand and the store. Many cheaper cables are created to equal standards, contain the right ID chips and will last just as long. Some even improve on the standard design with features and materials.  Find, buy and see your old gadgets here

Forget the extended warranty

Most extended warranties are a waste of time and money unless you’re the salesman. The standard manufacturer’s warranties are usually long enough and cover enough mishaps, and you can look at extending them nearer the time, when you’re less distracted by the excitement of owning a new device.

Use online offers and cashback

Arm yourself with an arsenal of discount apps to save every time you buy online, not just the tech items you love but all your groceries, gas, tickets and insurance that’ll help you save up for them! Always utilize coupons and discounts. Retailers such as Best Buy offer special holiday discount coupons that can be used online and in-store.

Ditch the cable package

Invest in a Roku player or similar box instead. It can cost under $60, and an online subscription with Amazon, Netflix, Hulu and others is way cheaper than the cable providers. You can watch a huge selection of high-definition Netflix and Hulu Plus movies and TV without a PC.  Convert to Android Box

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