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11 Google Search Hacks and Tips You Need to Know

There are ways you can use Google more efficiently. You should check out some of our best Google search hacks by clicking here.

Google is the largest search engine and it handles 91% of all Internet queries.

It answers 3.5 billion searches per day and the average search lasts under a minute. Its index holds hundreds of billions of pages yet Google delivers results in 0.2 seconds.

You probably use Google Search every day but did you know you can make it work smarter and faster?

This article reveals the top 11 tips and tricks to make your Googling great. From advanced search techniques to Google search hacks, we uncover the best ways to use everyone’s favorite search engine.

Advanced Search

Google’s Advanced Search console lets you break down exactly what you want to find. You can filter by language, exclude explicit results, check website usage rights, and lots more.

Scroll down to the bottom and you’ll discover more hidden gems.

Find pages with a similar web address

Search through the pages you’ve already visited

Customize your search preferences

This page holds the true power of Google search so be sure to bookmark it.

Power Queries

If you want to harness the power of the Advanced Search directly from the search bar then use these modifiers to produce better results.

Use “quotes” to find a specific phrase

Add a -minus symbol to exclude a word from a search

To search inside a specific website use :site followed by the web address

Add intitle: before your query to search for that word in a result page’s title

inurl: does the same thing but searches within a page’s web address

The real strength comes when you combine these options. For example, if I’m searching for WWE Wrestlemania on the USA Network site I could use:

“wwe wrestlemania” site:usanetwork.com

Tip! Remember that upper and lower case doesn’t matter when you search in Google.

Cached Web Pages

Don’t you hate clicking on a search result only to find the page is down or missing?

The good news is you can often view a snapshot of how that page looked in the past. It’s called a cached page and Google holds a copy of everything they index.

Above the main title of the result and to the right of the web address you’ll see a small arrow. Click it then the word Cached to view the snapshot version.

Similar Sites

Think you’ve reached the end of the Internet? Think again.

By adding related: before a web address you can discover sites Google believes match it. If you’re fed-up with facebook then use related:facebook.com to see alternative social media platforms.

Google Calculator

Type in any calculation in the query box and let Google do the math.

A full scientific calculator will display at the top of the screen. Click the More info link to see the calculator’s function list which includes formulas and graphs.

Instant Shortcuts in Chrome

One of our main Google search hints is to use their Chrome browser.

Chrome offers lots of advantages over other browsers including speed and security. But it also integrates directly with Google Search.

To view the weather in your area type Weather **** and replace the stars with your zip code or region. A brief forecast will display in the search/address bar without you having to hit enter. Results display an image-based forecast for the week.

Calculations work too if you need a couple of numbers added together. Play around and you’ll discover more!

What’s Everyone Else Googling?

Get a flavor of current searches through Google Trends.

You can filter results by global reach or topic. Discover the latest stories and insights and even census information!

Reverse Image Search

Google Images holds a world of hidden Google search hints but this is the best.

Drag and drop an image from your computer or enter the link to your image. Google will attempt to recognize what it is and display related results.

Also, check out the Google advanced image search. Similar to the text search, you can filter results by size, color, type, and usage rights.

Convert Anything

Google can help you convert measurements, weights, currencies, and anything you can think of. Simply add convert to the start of your search.

The in-built currency exchange converter provides real-time rates. It also shows a graph detailing how well the market’s performing.

Tip! you can also view live stock market prices for a company by simply searching their stock ticker symbol.

Track Your Flights

Need to know if your flight’s been delayed? Let Google help.

Enter your flight number and Google displays the status of your flight. It also shows destination and arrival information. It’ll even inform you of the gate numbers at both ends so you won’t get lost.

Google has also introduced its own site dedicated to air travel called Google Flights.

You can price tickets for destinations around the world and book them using selected partners. Google informs you about baggage allowance restrictions and any extra costs.

Definitions and Dictionaries

To get the meaning of a word or phrase put define before it.

Google provides a handy dictionary that gives multiple meanings for your search term. You can hear how the word should be pronounced and translate it into other languages.

Unfortunately, when you search define the meaning of life you won’t get a mystical answer. However, try Googling Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything.

The answer is, of course, 42! And if that makes no sense then ask Google to explain it.

Become the Google Search Hacks Master

The team at Mountain View, California have added lots of hidden tricks within their software. Now you know some of the best Google search hacks your journey to become a Google Master has begun.

If you discover a hidden hack or great technique when Googling why not share it on our forum? Answer others’ Google search tips and let our community praise you.

You can discover more about website hacks in our article sections.

We cover Android, iOS, macOS, Windows, and Google’s own operating system, ChromeOS. Make sure to join us on our social media pages and get in on the discussion.

And if you can’t find what you want you now know how to Google it!

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