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2019 Predictions: Mobile Security in 2019

Recently, cyber crimes have captured the news headlines after confidential data of several top organizations have become available to the public. The victims include names of famous organizations such as Sony Pictures, US Government, Experian, and many other personal as well as corporate institutions. As we approach towards the end of 2018, the main agenda of the software developers is to provide a world free from the threat of cybercriminals.

With an increase in the use of mobile devices such as iOS devices and Smartphones, mobile security is the need of the hour. Companies developing mobile devices such as Blackberry, tablets, iPhones or any Android device are emphasizing on the security features avoiding theft of personal data.

Panda Mobile Security 2016

This software app is a perfect tool to control apps navigation on your Android device. Moreover, it will provide strong antimalware protection. A user can download the mobile security app from Google Play free. Or, you can download an upgraded version at a reasonable cost of € 69.99

Main features of the app include:

  • Compatible with Android 2.3 or higher
  • Maximum protection
  • Performance optimization
  • Efficient memory management
  • Trace out lost devices; lock the device simultaneously
  • Monitors app permissions
  • Theft alerts and identifies details of the culprit

McAfee Mobile Security 2016

Antivirus protection

  • Real-time apps scanning for malware protection
  • Scans files downloaded as well those stored in the SD card
  • Difficult for a hacker to decode the protection code
  • The only way of uninstalling the app is by using a password.

Avoids privacy threats

  • App Alert monitors the performance of the installed apps and reports any unusual access.
  • Call & SMS Filter gets rid of spam text messages, emails, wrong numbers, as well as unwanted MMS messages.
  • App Lock feature secures your personal information with the help of a password.

Track lost phone and protection

If you lose your phone accidentally, Mcafee Mobile Security will display a message on your screen that will help you track your smartphone. Your personal information will be safe because the freeware locks your applications or wipes off the personal data stored in your mobile device. The GPS tracker will help you track the lost phone. Once the device is locked, you can control your lost phone using the services of remote management from the official web portal of Mcafee. Remote Wipe saves your personal data by deleting photos, contact information, text messages, calendar, data on the SD card as well as the browser history.

Safe online shopping

The app performs real-time protection activities to offer you safe online shopping experience. It detects malicious software and blocks the phishing activities that are sent to your device in the form of emails, SMS, QR codes, Facebook, and Twitter.

Bitdefender Mobile Security 2016

This software app offers excellent malware detection on cloud technology. It protects your Android device from the theft of personal data without any reduction in battery usage. Main features of this app include:

  • 100% malware detection
  • Simple usage instructions
  • Autopilot helps to recover your lost Android device
  • No effect on battery usage

Leo Privacy Guard Review

Leo Privacy Guard promises to provide safe access to online websites in 2016. The App Lock feature protects the mobile device by locking the apps.  The software issues alerts on malicious use of personal data. It also protects the call logs and text messages of the user. It ensures mobile data security by deleting the less used or unwanted apps.

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