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3 Actionable SEO Tips to Gain More Prospects

There are SEO tips, and then there are actionable SEO tips—you know, the kind that actually work. SEO isn’t the same as it used to be so many years ago—there were changes in 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and there will be changes in 2021. This is an ever-changing field that’s never static and never forgiving to people who don’t take actionable advice from SEO experts.

Anyone who’s been in SEO for some time knows that Google’s algorithm gets a yearly update—sometimes more than once a year. The algorithm is constantly evolving, constantly learning, constantly adapting in accordance with the consumer’s behavior—and so must you and your strategies.

Better prospects come from doing things that not many are doing—things that truly matter.

Rehash and Update Old Blogs

Carry out an SEO audit (you should be doing this regularly anyway) and see which of your pages received the most—and which received the least traction. Were there any blog posts that didn’t, perhaps, get too much attention from your online audience when you originally posted them? Some blog posts would have been a hit with audiences, whereas others might have flunked. There’s a way to make your old content work without developing new content.

Observe what made your popular posts popular—was there mention of a specific product that made them so popular with the audiences? Were they more informational? Were they more humorous and laid-back in tone? Compare the less popular post with the more popular ones and specify the tone, style, content, delivery, structure, and length of the popular posts. Try and mimic them—rehash your old posts, and post them again.

Doing the above doesn’t take too much time and allows you to utilize your old content without needing to write from scratch.

You can use the Content Gap Tool to check how well your pages have been doing.

Not only should you repurpose your old content, but you should also re-post old content, even the popular ones. You must have noticed, on social media, how pages like Tasty and Buzzfeed keep reposting their most popular content from time to time. They do this for a reason.

Get on the Influencer Marketing Bandwagon

Influencer marketing is one of the fastest-growing marketing trends in the digital arena today. By 2022, brands will be spending $15 billion on influencer marketing as per estimates calculated by Business Insider Intelligence. Influencer marketing is one of the latest techniques that brands are using to adapt to constantly evolving consumer behavior. Influencer marketing is, in fact, growing more rapidly than digital ads—and it isn’t difficult to see why. When you partner with an influencer who becomes the face and voice of your brand, you end up assuring the following things:

  • Put a human face and feel to your business
  • Make better rapport with viewers, ensure better communication across the board
  • Transfer information via video and other innovative content methods that sit well with the respective audience
  • Introduce viewers to your brand vision and values
  • Tap into niche markets and expand your target audience
  • Ensure customer retention through the regularity of vlogs

By the end of 2019, small businesses and large brands alike were resorting to influencer marketing for better traffic and rankings. And it isn’t just the mega influencers (such as the Kardashians/Jenners or Cristiano Ronaldo) who rope in engagement either. Nano influencers, reportedly, have had better luck with engagement.

If you want to break into the influencer arena but have no idea where to find them, try Afluencer—a platform that brings together businesses looking for influencers and social media influencers.

Check Your Backlinks for Quality

If you have been in the SEO game for a long time and still can’t find yourself up on those prized ranks, you might be looking a backlink quality problem right in the face. Your rivals might be using backlinks that are better in quality and are thus taking away the spotlight from you. Use a free SERP checker to discover if your rivals (who rank better than you) have more backlinks that lead to them.

So how can you overcome this dilemma?

Look for platforms that link back to lesser-known sites. Try and get their attention. You can also get other people’s attention by linking to them and hoping they’re running the same SERP check on their website. If they notice you, they might return the favor, and you’ll have one additional backlink pointing in your direction.

A Word on Broken Backlinks

This isn’t where your soiree with backlinks stops. You should also be mindful of what we call broken backlinks since these things can do more harm to you than you imagine. Broken backlinks are essentially just links that don’t refer to any page—they’re dead ends. Imagine helping your users navigate through a messy road, and then they hit a roadblock. They wouldn’t like that—and a broken backlink is the same principle, only it’s digital. Google’s algorithm doesn’t like it either. It makes you look like a hack.

Use Site Explorer to locate all broken backlinks that are bogging your web pages down.

If you find a dead page that you can reinstate (as in, if it was your own page), revive it to breathe new life into your broken links. Other times you will find that a page you had referred to does exist, just not on the same domain. Redirect it to the new domain. You can also check for other pages that refer/backlink to you and that have made mistakes (such as an additional period or space) and politely point out the mistake to them.

In the end, it’s the pro-active monitoring of your own website, constant self-upgrades of industry expertise, and a knack for innovation and adaptation that will take your brand to the heights of success.

About the Author: The author is an SEO expert at Search Berg, who specializes in link building services for small and large businesses. He believes that backlinks, old content, and influencer are the underrated, underappreciated, and underused gems of the SEO world that can particularly help small and struggling businesses.

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