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3 Advantages of Getting Rid of Your Print Servers

Looking for an effective and cost-efficient way to eliminate print servers? With an on-site web application, you can get rid of all your print servers. This will allow you to use a central location for managing your entire company’s IP printing. And, it’s fairly simple to import printers from your current environment. Then, they can be managed as on-site direct IP printers.


3 Advantages of Getting Rid of Your Print Servers

1. Give Power to End-Users

With a self-service, web-based portal, your printer installation will help to empower your end-users. They’ll have the ability to quickly find printers, as well as install them. Here are some of the end-user empowering benefits:

  • Reduces Calls to Help Desk – The portal is very intuitive, empowering even the users with no IT experience whatsoever. All end users will be able to install printers themselves, without help desk assistance.
  • Install and Find Printers Quickly – As soon as the web portal is opened, a folder with nearby printers is automatically opened for your convenience.
  • Install Printers with One-Click – Single-click installation makes it simpler than ever before to install printers after eliminating your print servers.

2. Printer Deployment Automation

Your self-service printer installation portal makes it simple to automate deploying printers to end-users. Help desk team members easily log into the administrative section in order to assign printer deployments. Then, those printers are installed on the computer of the end users automatically.

  • Deploy Printers Simply – Printers can be deployed via IP address by OU membership, container, computer, user, or AD group.
  • Eliminate Complex GPOs and Scripts – The web-based administration area makes it simple to remove and add assignments for printer deployment.
  • Active Directory Integration – With AD integration, users with administrative privileges can use AD credentials for authentication.
  • Eliminate Print Servers – These servers can be quite costly, lowering your ROI. With a web-based, self-service portal, you can eliminate print server issues, such as management and single-point of failure.

3. Making Printer Management Simpler

Your self-service printer installation portal will give you the ability to centrally manage your direct IP printing components. The administrative panel, which is completely web-based, simplifies printer management, including printer documentation, locations, comments, profiles and drivers.

  • A Single Tool – Your entire company’s printer management is controlled using one, single tool. You’ll have the ability to support multiple forest, as well as untrusted domains.
  • Direct IP Printer Objects – These can be created, configured and managed using the simple web-based interface. You can also manage and upload printer drivers, as well as driver preferences and devices.
  • Administrative Privileges – Your self-service, web-based printer portal allows you to specify user-rights. You can set-up various roles for managing specific tasks for printer management.
  • VMWare, XenDesktop, XenApp and RDS Views Supported – These views are all simplified when you eliminate print servers. When various users connect, each one will only have access to the printers you allow them to, based on their connecting end-point. Available printers are refreshed automatically when users disconnect, then reconnect again.

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