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4 Amazing Test Automation Trends Of 2023, 2024 That Boost ROI

Software testing never stays at a single place for too long. The world of constant digital innovation rockets QA forward. Test engineers are pushed to their limits and beyond. And that’s an impressively great thing as every person who’s involved in the industry stays on his or her toes. This technological miracle predicts the perfect world we will live in shortly.

4 Insane Test Automation Trends of 2023, 2024 That Will Save You Tons Of Cash In The Long Run

Yes, we are still making baby steps. But we definitely walk in the right direction.

Cheaper software = great start

Software of remarkable quality is not that expensive today thanks to countless methodologies and practices of test automation. A single script can do the job of ten people within several seconds. Yep purchasing required equipment, setting up the requirements and training/employing professionals seems expensive but the ROI is remarkable.

All of those are one-time operations that will keep saving your budget for an efficiently serious amount of time. The game is worth the candles. But are we really that limited to testing connections or loads? Aren’t there any innovative ways of automating other essential elements of up-to-date businesses? Sure there are! Great solutions can be found by using www.deviqa.com QA services; you can also read about others below.

Here are the latest test automation trends you should be using in 2023, 2024:

Big Data + Predictive Analysis tests

We are gathering insane amount of data today from both desktop and handheld devices. We know when users wake up, which shows they watch, which stores they go to, etc. Surely there’s an efficient way of putting all of that knowledge for good use. Tools for analysis are already invented and can’t be tested manually. The volumes are colossal after all. Automating the process will save you a lot of money.

Configuration Management Test Automation

This process gets you full control over software from one end to the other. While the process is currently a solution for Enterprises innovation are walking with mile-long steps. Infrastructure, functionality, veracity – You name it! All can be tested by a single machine.

AR/VR technologies

Yep, virtual worlds are now a reality.  We’re a long way from 80’s vintage video games. We will be seeing colossal games of MMORPG scale that are completely VR soon. Manual testers won’t have the time and you won’t have the resources to check every single corner. Automation saves the day here as well.


A lot of devices have compatibility errors when it comes to the Internet of Things. There isn’t a single person in the world that will be able to check out all of them in a lifetime. The speed of a machine will is a pivotal element here even today.

What else is there to say? What a time to be alive!

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