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4 Best IP Monitoring Tools For Enterprises

At any given point in time, there are numerous devices connected to a network. Every tool has a unique IP address. If this had not been the case, it would have been tough for IT teams as well as software solutions to monitor them, allowing the sheer number of addresses in specific networks.

For any system to keep functioning smoothly, IT teams must keep track of them all and make sure that there aren’t any lags or discrepancies. To help them out in this, there are various tools available. These help in monitoring the status or availability of each device, which is a part of their infrastructure, through its IP addresses, and you can get one of the best ones here (https://routerlogin.app/192-168-1-18/). You can then start out by exploring the tools for monitoring it.

These tools are a part of network monitoring strategies that are vital to a network’s IP health as they also aid in making sure that there is always space left for more. Listed below are four of these tools which help in the monitoring of IP addresses:

IP Scanner Tool

There are many models of IP or network scanners available online due to their work functions. They play an essential role in a network since they are scanning IP addresses. Further, the information stored in the various devices presents on the network. In a nutshell, an IP scanner helps in examining the devices and any critical information that might be there on a given network.

They form an essential part of digital security as well because, through the help of a scanner, all the devices present in a network can be tracked. Even mapping the IP infrastructure, locating devices that are lost, or IP addresses current in the network (basically for troubleshooting purposes) becomes much more comfortable.

They help in making all systems accessible to the IT team, in case any issues or changes need to be made. Therefore, they play an instrumental role in an IT team’s daily activities.

Examples – Angry IP Scanner, Famatech Advanced IP Scanner, etc.

Network Traffic Analysis Tool

Network Traffic Analysis is the process by which the communication patterns of the traffic received by a network are intercepted, recorded, and analyzed. These are extremely important in identifying threats or responding to them. The tool has IP monitoring capabilities and is used as a sort of probe for the network traffic. It then segregates the network traffic into various channels, one of them being IP addresses.

By doing so, by characterizing the traffic, a particular network will receive, the IT team is easily able to decide the network statistics and the effect they have on a system in its entirety. Further, if one can find a network analysis tool that is open source, it will be most profitable since it will provide the most freedom.

Examples – WiFi analyzer (available through Microsoft store), Paessler PRTG Network Monitor, etc.

Port Switch Management Tool

No matter the size of an IT team, be it small or huge, basics such as having an IP address and an excellent switch port management tool are essential. This tool helps in tracking and dealing with all issues related to switches and devices. Rogue devices can be unearthed easily if a useful switch port management tool is present. Further, it takes care to track the presence of critical devices. IP addresses can be scanned comprehensively, and it will even hierarchically provide them.

That is, a good management tool will screen the various IP addresses in a hierarchical format. This makes it easier and allows both the IT teams as well as the users, to study the subnets separately and one at a time.

Examples – ManageEngine OpManager, Solarwinds User Device Tracker, etc.

IP Address Manager

IP address management is a process used in computer software to plan and manage the assignment as well as usage of IP addresses. This also includes resources that are strictly related to a computer network as well. So to monitor the various IP addresses present in the network of an enterprise, an IP address manager must be current in the IT team. The program has been created to serve as a dual-purpose tool – to monitor as well as manage an IP.

Major brands such as SolarWinds make use of multiple cloud vendors and automatic IP tracking, and even use static IP as and when required. The tool being used should have the ability to provide historic IP data features, which lets the team study the history of any given IP address present on the network. This should extend to those who were a part of the system previously as well.

Examples – BlueCat IPAM, LightMesh IPAM, etc.


Therefore, making the correct choice and choosing the right tools for IP monitoring is of the essence because they possess the ability to make or break a system. The proper tools, when combined, will provide a system that will be able to detect threats and even give a warning for any imminent ones.

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