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4 Different IT Jobs for You to Explore

Younger generations, such as Gen Z, which is coming up at the moment, are looking for work. Some Gen Z members are becoming adults right now, and they’re doing so in the middle of a pandemic. There are fewer in-person jobs since people have Covid-19 concerns.

This does mean, though, that more remote work is available. IT jobs comprise many of the options. IT means information technology. It’s all about using computers to manipulate, retrieve, store, and transmit either information or data.

Since Gen Z are coming into their own, and they’ve known computers since birth, many of them can work doing IT jobs, and they should find it easy. If you’re part of this younger generation, and you’re thinking about an IT career, here are four possibilities of which you should be aware.

Support Specialist

Maybe you have a company that has a membership website. They need someone to troubleshoot any site problems that come up. They’ll need a support specialist for this job.

A support specialist:

  • Can often work either onsite or remotely
  • Solves and reviews computer network and hardware problems
  • Fixes website issues

Many different businesses need IT specialists on the payroll, so there are tons of these jobs in the modern world. This is a growth industry.

You might work at a SaaS company and do tech support. Your work will probably be a little different each day, which is what some people like about the position.

On the negative side, you probably won’t make a ton of money doing it. This job pays a little upwards of $30K per year, on average.

Quality Assurance Tester

The quality assurance tester:

  • Checks software products to see if they meet industry standards and don’t have any operational issues
  • Often works with mobile apps and gaming systems

At this job, Gen Z members who like video games can often be part of the process through which these games and systems get to market. You can also try out other tech forms that need additional maintenance or modification.

If you want this job, you will probably need a Software Design BA or a Computer Science or Engineering BA. You can work for various IT or software companies.

Since you’ll be documenting test cases, you’ll need great communication and time management skills. This job pays considerably more than the average IT specialist job. You can easily make $70K per year.

Computer Programmer

As a computer programmer, you write new computer software. You will use languages like CSS, JavaScript, and HTML.

You might update video game software to improve online gameplay capabilities. Basically, you’re troubleshooting problems that gamers experience. You’d do this after a company releases a game title to the general public.

You’ll probably need a Computer Science BA for this position as well. You usually get these jobs after doing an internship where you sharpen your skills.

You can also get various certifications at coding academies, though some prodigies never do this. Most companies will at least consider a self-taught programmer if you can prove yourself.

You can make close to $60K per year on average by doing this job.

Web Developer

As a web developer, you do website content organization. You also design its navigation and appearance. You might have some crossover IT specialist skills.

You use coding languages like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to format websites for clients or businesses. You might do freelance work or work exclusively for one company. You might create content, applications, or graphics that a client or business needs.

You often need a Web Developer Associate’s Degree. You might also get into this field with a related IT degree.

You might break into this profession through self-paced learning or certificate programs. You usually secure employment by creating a work portfolio and building up your experience.

You can sometimes make upwards of $70K per year doing this job at the higher levels.

IT technician and systems analyst are another couple of IT possibilities. As an IT technician, you diagnose and analyze computer issues. You can make upwards of $70K per year doing this.

Systems analysts review design components. They solve business problems and make infrastructure changes to streamline platform functionality. You can make close to $80K per year in some cases.

These are a few of the IT jobs out there for enterprising individuals with tech backgrounds. You can hold these positions at any age, but it’s likely the younger generations will have a leg up on the older ones.

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