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4 Informative LinkedIn Groups for Higher Education

LinkedIn? I already have so many social apps to cover!  If this was your first thought on LinkedIn, you are not alone. We all thought it will be the new social platform, and it is true but, the core purpose of LinkedIn differs from Facebook, Twitter, IG, and Snapchat.

LinkedIn! Ruling the Social Professional Kingdom

Where we only post pictures and comment on the status of a celeb!

LinkedIn holds a totally different world. The biggest platform of professional networking where employers post jobs and job seekers posting their CV’s, resume and achievements altogether.

Jeff Weiner wanted a social platform for business marketing and employee to employer engagement where millions and billions of people can be benefitted in terms of their business and employment needs to the exact designation they are skilled for regarding their academic level and experience.

Do I need LinkedIn?

Only if you are concerned about your career growth!

What is the highest need for a student nowadays? An e-book? IPad? Dissertation help online? Or a warm mug of coffee? It is all these things. But the basic needs to strong from all academic points of view.

We have an official account on every trending social platform from Facebook to Snapchat, posting pictures and getting appreciated on beauty. But, the appreciation in the life of LinkedIn is a totally different scenario. You get appreciated by being accepted by a well-known firm. Or appreciation of your achievements and skill set.

LinkedIn is a must-have if anyone is interested in making a great career.

The More, the Merrier!!

Just like any other social world, LinkedIn is also comprised of several groups with millions of users. Are you wondering the groups are as same as FB groups we are used to?


LinkedIn holds some golden groups for higher education where only the professionals lead. These groups are made to promote education and is a treat for every student to acquire.

Let’s control our curiosity and check out the most informative higher educational based groups of LinkedIn.

Higher Education Management

With over 100,000 followers, the higher education management group is working with one motto to cater to the world of education. The academic experts with one thing in common are the relationships with the higher education system are accepted in this group.

Comprising of the largest database of people working related to higher education and all are professionals. How can we say?

Well, it has experts from all over the world including, Deans, CEOs, authors and all leaders from this range and hiring firms working for education management.

If not a part of this group for higher education deals, then, you better consider your chances of a bright future!

Quality in Higher Education – Calidad en la Educación

This group brings together a huge number of users from Spanish with English Education Speakers towards better management of education system specifically universities.

With over 5K followers, quality in higher education consists of a wide array of admins to keep the page with relevant yet updated as much as possible.

Their main objective is to gather a broader audience by sharing the academic details and news with informative content that is available in both languages. All the native professionals from both sides and the ones who follow the group are benefitted with great quality and informative content on a daily basis.

Leaders in Higher Education

This group is all about the leaders of the industry!

The role of leaders in the educational process of universities and how all the institutions can work better and best is what this group is all about.

If I get a chance to know what better outcomes I can have by going to a certain field of education? I will surely jump on it!

We cannot ignore the fact that the management of an education system needs to be more focused to provide the right outcome. Over 25,000 members in this group don’t mostly focus on students but are more driven towards making the management of the educational system better and to keep improving the results.

Here, leaders and other professionals share tips and tasks with logical reasoning on working in a certain way or applying a strategic approach for better outcomes. They share webinars, courses, and other media for better use of available resources.

E-Learning 2.0

The world has been swooped by technology. The tech is everywhere but education?

Of course! Technology has driven a new era of the educational system with a new wave of learning and perceiving. E-Learning is a tool for all professionals striving to improve their teaching methods.

The modern learning process that keeps evolving and growing. A wide environment of teaching professionals with over 66,000 members from across the world gaining from E-Learning methods and new strategic approaches to improve teaching style and engage creativity.

Professionals shares their experience and teaching methods where others comment and share the approaches while benefitting from some great teaching tips. This is bound to make a mark on the teaching environment.

LinkedIn; A Whole Different Platform

Now the perception of LinkedIn has evolved by knowing the value and worth of growing groups in this social world. It is professionally used for the business market and all that an education system needs to grow.

From students to their mentors! All are benefitted from LinkedIn.

Author’s Bio: Olivia Johnson is an expert writer at The Dissertation help with 10 years of experience in the field. She has done her masters in marketing from the University of Warwick. She likes to paint, read and write stories.

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