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4 IT Threats You Need To Pay Attention to

To understand how to secure your company, you have to study first some of the methods used by cyber criminals to compromise systems. Intruders use many tactics including the injection of malicious codes for different purposes.

Some of these threats are targeted at home users while others focus on attacking systems that run the business. With the prevalence of malicious attacks increasing, it becomes important to embrace protective measures against IT threats that might affect the business.

Here are 4 IT threats you should pay attention to:

External devices with software that can compromise files

USB memory sticks and different types of external devices have become common as a way to carry and store data. This comes with risks because inside the device you can find malicious code that could compromise the computers of your business. The main trick applied using these devices is direct access links whereby when the infected device is connected to a computer, all files are infected and appear like direct access links. Sometimes you will lose data and files will be distorted in a manner that you cannot retrieve contents.

Emails that carry threats

Email plays a key role in companies and virtually every business uses email as a way to communicate between departments. It forms a core part of the communication that happens between users, services, and providers. One of the email threats many information technology companies warn against is Win32/Bayrob, which includes spread waves that masquerade as a coupon for Amazon purchases.

Such links install malicious that renders all files in a computer inaccessible, and sometimes could phish information. It’s advisable to ensure corporate emails are secured with endpoint security that is able to detect malicious links and attachments. Your email server should be secure and elements must be filtered before they are allowed into people’s inboxes.


Exploitation of software vulnerabilities is also something that you need to keep an eye. This is often highlighted in office applications, websites, and browsers. Failure to update software like your browsers will expose your transactions to vulnerabilities and attackers can much easily penetrate. Ensure that your website is updated with the latest security measures, and all software you are using should also be updated to ensure security.


This is among the most frustrating IT attacks you could face as a company. Many companies across the globe, including big players like Coca-Cola, have been faced with a ransomware threat. The threat could even be planted into your computer even while using an antivirus program.

When a ransomware is installed in your computer, your files are held ransom and you cannot do anything much with data and other important bits that make the company to run. This threat holds the data in ransom until you are able to pay a certain amount of money. Sometimes even after you have unlocked the threat a lot of data is distorted or inaccessible. Always keep backups and ensure to have a strong security system.

Security is a vital part of ensuring a business runs smoothly. Some IT threats have the capability to stall a business as they bring down every process by destroying important data.

It’s important to install security systems that can help your business to avoid threats that are planted by attackers.

Ensure you watch out for email with malicious links, and keep your computers and software updated so you are not vulnerable to security attacks.

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