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4 Ways to Use Technology to Increase Employee Retention

As a company owner or manager, you may think that finding and securing the best employees in the business is the hardest part of the employment process, but in fact, it is actually retaining these high-quality candidates which can prove to be the most challenging.

Somewhat shockingly, approximately three million people voluntarily leave their job every month in the U.S, with a massive 31% leaving within the first three months of their employment.

Clearly, the reality of a job often falls way behind the employee’s expectation.

Aside from clear communication (on both sides) at the initial interview stage, once you have hired a strong candidate, how can you ensure that you keep them?

Fortunately, you do not have to do this alone; there are now several technologies that can help you increase employee retention in your business.

Utilize employee engagement software

If you want to know how to retain your employees, you need to be able to understand them; know what motivates them, what drives them to succeed and what makes them feel despondent. Many employee engagement software programs will collect and analyze relevant information on all your employees so that your HR manager can assess how to effectively engage with them and ensure that they feel challenged and motivated whilst working for you.

This software can also help you plan training opportunities for your team and ensure that all your employees are given sufficient support in the workplace.

Invest in employee surveys

Most employees want to feel that they are being listened to and that their opinions matter to the company that they work for. Inpulse are employee engagement experts and carry out regular surveys with your employees to identify any problematic areas, so that you can resolve any grievances before it is too late.

It is vital that you remember, as a business owner, to keep your employees engaged. If they are unhappy at work or feel unmotivated, they are much more likely to hand in their resignation letter and perhaps even go to work with one of your competitors.

Have effective communication channels

Long gone are the days when managers and employees had to communicate with an endless stream of emails; there are now so many more effective ways to liaise with your team.

Programs like Slack have so many benefits for both you as a business owner and for your employees, including;

  • Reducing traffic email
  • Connecting remote workers
  • Offering channels for formal and informal conversations
  • The ability to archive messages so no important files are lost if an employee leaves the company

Offer virtual training

Employees who feel supported in their career ambitions and are offered exciting and relevant training to help them improve themselves, are much more likely to stay loyal to your business than those who feel stuck in a career rut.

Virtual training is a great way to engage your employees in a new skill rather than sending them to a standard (and arguably boring) training course in a grey building. Not only is virtual training more fun, it can also be done from the office or even from your employees’ own home if they are wanting flexible working; plus, their lessons can be recorded so that they can access them whenever they need a quick refresher.

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