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5 Apps Every Entrepreneur Should Bookmark in 2023

To be an entrepreneur in the digital era, you need to be connected on the go. That’s both the blessing of the curse of business ownership today— you can work from the beach, but you can never really unplug.

Fortunately, apps will help keep you on top of your business no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Here are five apps that every entrepreneur should bookmark in 2023.


Mint is a money management software put together by Intuit. You can access this program from your laptop or via a mobile app on your smartphone. This money tracking app integrates with your bank account and categorizes your income and expenses so you can get real-time cashflow data. The program also allows you to set budgets and sends notifications when you’re reaching your limits.

Mint is ideal for startup businesses, as it helps strategically spend and save money, highlighting upcoming bills and potential problems so that you can get ahead of them.

Mint also provides higher-level insights, like your credit score and net worth.


DisputeBee is credit repair software that helps users analyze their credit reports, highlight potential errors, and submit well-written, educated disputes to have them corrected. During the process, DisputeBee provides tracking information so you can keep track of your disputes as they progress.

This software is ideal for both businesses and business owners trying to repair their credit. As credit is often required for scaling your business, ensuring you have all your ducks in a row for when that time comes is essential.


Evernote is like a virtual notebook that you can use whenever inspiration hits. It’s ideal for those inconvenient times when you don’t have a journal with you, such as during dinner with friends or in the middle of a movie theater.

Evernote isn’t just a collection of virtual notebooks— it has plenty of convenient features to make your life easier and more organized. Create checklists and forward emails directly from your inbox to save interesting articles or project ideas. There are endless options for templates, including interview forms, marketing strategies, and project management.


Social media plays a significant role in modern business. In fact, planning, curating content, scheduling posts across platforms, and reading the analytics is a full-time job for many. However, if you’re running a business with limited resources, the onus may fall on you or an assistant.

Buffer is a fantastic cloud-based app that can be accessed via smartphone or PC. Even the free version has a lot of value, while the basic business upgrade is well worth the return on investment. With this app, you’ll be able to schedule social media posts on the go and see how they performed. With the click of a button, you can reshare something that’s been shared previously and optimize your content for various channels.


Slack is the best instant messaging app for business use. You can have various channels and threads to keep your thoughts and conversations organized. This easy division of communication channels keeps things on a need to know basis. The Slack app also allows for simple file sharing and instant feedback when you’re traveling or working with remote teams.

Another benefit of Slack is that it integrates with various other apps and software options to create an immersive business ecosystem. Slack integrates with project management software, like Trello, Asana, and Monday. Other notable integrations include Google Drive and Harvest, a time-tracking app that can help everyone stay on task and on budget.

Slack integrations also help you maintain a positive company culture and assists with teambuilding, created automated private polls and surveys, sending birthday reminders, and creating lunch plans everyone can agree on.

To be a successful business owner, it takes drive and determination— but you also need the right tools. Add these five apps to your list of bookmarks for business use. Better yet, add them to a notebook in Evernote and get started on your road to success.

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