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5 Benefits of Facial Recognition Technology

Advancements in technology have allowed developers to introduce concepts like facial recognition. The technology offers many benefits like monitoring, authentication, indexing, access control, and maintaining surveillance applications.

Also, facial recognition technology has provided an opportunity to access multimedia information.

Below is an analysis of some of the five benefits of facial recognition technology.

Easy To Manage

A facial recognition system is easy to manage since it requires little or no training. The simple approach allows the end-user to familiarize themself with the technology in minutes. In addition, the system does not need any special skills to maintain and operate. Also, when using it for employee monitoring a facial recognition time clock can be used to record sign and sign out for each employee.

Efficient Access Control

Facial recognition technology also offers efficient access control. Since the technology can be used for identity management, facial recognition allows the creation of unique numbers. These unique numbers can identify a person from images captured from video footage and still shots. It allows businesses to obtain the needed information quickly. The business can also avoid any complications from unauthorized access to its systems.

Improved Public Security

Facial recognition technology can also help improve public security. In some situations, this technology can monitor and identify unwanted individuals. This facial recognition application may be the future of security applications in public spaces. A recent study suggests that this technology will likely positively impact law enforcement features. The study concluded that advances in computer vision algorithms and machine learning make it possible to capture and identify faces at up to 10,000 frames per second.

Multimedia and Smartphone Applications

Facial recognition software has already been introduced into smartphone applications. This application can verify users within popular social networks or see if they have access to restricted areas in hotels and airports. A recent case study illustrates how facial recognition technology can be used in a coffee shop. The software gets to detect individuals with emotional disorders such as autism, eating disorders, and schizophrenia.

It Is Beneficial to the Security of Retail Stores

Businesses can easily use facial recognition technology to monitor and recognize customers in their stores. Face2Face technology from NEC is an example of the many products used for in-store surveillance. The application uses templates determined by the retailer to offer quick information about a customer entering a retail space. The user needs only capture an individual’s face and compare it against the person template to get information quickly. The feature allows a retailer to manage crowd and queue management. It will allow easy checking of customers’ identities while they are waiting in line.

Other Benefits Worth Considering

There are more benefits of facial recognition technology that you might need to know. These include the following:

a) Improved Work Attendance Systems

When it comes to employee attendance, you will get accurate information that is complete and up-to-date. You can have all the related information at your fingertips to make the best decisions.

b) Better Signing In and Out

Facial recognition will eliminate the need for swipe cards and special codes. It will allow you to track what time employees entered and left the building accurately and any time they spent away from their stations.

c) Facial Recognition Can Help Manage Inventory

You can use this technology to keep track of stock and identify duplicate products. Also, it will allow you to identify any problems at an early stage and prevent any wastage.

d) Facial Recognition Allows for Easier Security

The system can be used for biometric identification and monitoring, thus giving it significant security features. The system is easy to install and maintain, which helps prevent theft and make it more secure.

e) Facial Recognition Can Enhance Video Conferencing

Video conferencing can be enhanced with the use of facial recognition software. You can recognize your contacts quickly, thereby increasing efficiency. It can also help you to see if images are out-of-date or if there is a need for them to be replaced. You can update images and search for specific faces quickly, thus increasing efficiency.

Facial recognition technology can be used for many purposes. The above five benefits are just the tip of the iceberg, but it is good to know that you can expect more improvements in this technology. In the future, security and general applications may use this technology to monitor public spaces.

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