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5 Best Places to Find Accurate Salary Information When Looking for Your Next Job

How much does your dream job pay? More importantly, how much do the available jobs in your area pay? Knowing how much you can expect to be paid can influence many of your major life decisions, from relocation to choosing a major in college.

That’s why it’s key that you visit a variety of sites that can help you estimate your future salary with a reasonable degree of accuracy. Here are five of our top picks.


Indeed is a great place to upload your resume, browse through local job listings, and get hired fast. It also has a salary comparison and search tool, letting you see the average pay among a certain number of salaries reported for a specific job title. You can also look up jobs in other locations and see what salaries are there, if you’re looking for the best possible pay for someone in your field.


Hush.company is all about giving you the edge when preparing for the interview process. Their goal in providing estimates is to help you negotiate salary, ensuring you’re never underpaid, or are simply uninformed as to what you should be offered. Furthermore, they pull their data from various sources, including machine learning, which may lead to more accuracy in reporting.


If you’re looking to get hired at a specific company, Glassdoor should be one of your first stops. You can read reviews from real employees, current and former, to get a feel of the workplace environment. Employees also share their pay, while Glassdoor offers a unique tool that can help you estimate your salary based on your experience. The only thing you must be wary of is reviews from disgruntled employees – while they may contain valid criticisms, there’s a lack of objectivity.


PayScale might be targeted more toward college students or recent grads looking to enter the workforce. In addition to helping you ascertain salary, they offer plenty of advice to users. You can choose from tons of blog-style posts on engaging topics, which can teach you more about work culture, asking for a raise, various job profiles, and plenty of research on wages.


Salary.com has tons of features to help employees and employers alike get the most of their positions. Companies can use the CompAnalyst tool to assess whether the current salaries they offer are effective, and provide insights on what they should offer new hires. Meanwhile, those looking for a job can use the simple search engine with job title and location to access the Salary Wizard. You’ll be able to view an easy-to-understand graph alongside relevant job postings in that area, and the data can be adjusted based on your education, length of experience, and more.

Have you ever taken a position, only to later discover that you accepted a subpar offer? Don’t let it happen again; check out all of the sites above to find an average salary few superiors could argue against. Additionally, these sites can offer valuable advice on how to get a better paycheck right where you are, so you’re always negotiating with confidence.

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