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5 Creative Marketing Strategies That Will Attract More Clients

One of the ways you could make sure your business succeeds is to get the word out there about it. Many aspects of business depend on marketing, so this is something you have to take seriously.

The approach you use while marketing your business will affect results. To get things right, you have to be creative, because you are not the only business competing for the attention of the market.

Here are some of the best approaches you could use to attract more clients without spending money.

Create an online contest

Prizes must not be extravagant to get the attention of clients. You only need to come up with a couple of free products to attract potential customers, who will invest some minutes of their time while applying to the contest. Any creative marketing agency will tell you that this approach is highly effective, especially if used to collect data about the market. While the customer signs up, you can collect important data, including emails, and this idea also gets the customer to spread the word to friends who can join the contest as well.

Negotiate an industry partnership

A partnership is a free marketing idea that comes with much more for your business. You could team up with a business that can complement yours to work on a joint project. While choosing a partner, it’s advisable to go for businesses that have earned a name in the industry because you want that publicity to be passed on to your side. This is the easiest way to access a new customer base without spending anything. For example, you can work with a PR Company to get your services out there and also capitalize on their expertise to improve how you reach the market.

Publish distributed content

Social media content marketing is quick and effective as you can reach millions of people within a short span of time. While investing in marketing on social media requires that you spend money, you can choose alternative distribution networks. A good example is Reddit, a social network that allows you to find a niche-related subreddit or message board. There, you will find many people who are interested in your business. But don’t promote directly, as this is not allowed in many subreddits.

Create a customer referral program

Many businesses use word-of-mouth marketing, which is powerful, to get new customers. 92% of consumers trust the recommendations they are given by family and friends, so amplify the use of word of mouth advertising. Give existing customers something, maybe a free product, when they refer a new customer.

Take a position on a controversial topic in your industry

Another creative marketing idea that you could use that is free, is taking a stand on a controversial topic in your industry. More than ever, politics and business are entwined, and standing for something will present your business well in the eyes of people who hold a similar opinion. This is a great way to capture the attention of customers.

There are many ways you could promote a business to attract more clients. Some of the methods available require that you spend money on advertising fees. However, you don’t always need to do this as you can take advantage of free solutions as mentioned above that are also creative and effective when you want to market a business.

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