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5 Gadgets Every Tech Passionate Will Fall in Love With

Are you a tech passionate always searching for the next best gadget? A multitude of gadgets are available on the market. New ones are continuously created as the tech industry advances.

Five different gadgets for every tech passionate are listed below to help you find the one that suits you better.

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With all the different kinds of laptop cooling pads available today it can be difficult for you to choose the best one. The best laptop cooling pad should provide you a cooling pad with a powerful evenly dispersed air flow, made to dissipate trapped heat created by the CPU and GPU. Top Mate’s built-in is five fans at 2500 revolutions per minute, a LCD screen, and five height options. Wind speeds are adjustable for you in a push of a button and displayed on the LCD. This cooler is USB powered and comes in 12-15.6 inches. It also offers you a light weight, slim design made for gamers or offices.  Find great laptop cooling fans here: https://amzn.to/2wWbLBx


360fly is a small yet powerful portable video camera that allows you to record 360° interactive videos in high definition. It is designed in compact 61mm spheres weighing around 4.87 oz. This gadget is quite damage resistant considering it is dust-proof, shockproof, as well as water resistant assuring you optimal durability. Storage capacity available to you is 16GB or 64GB. A key feature included is a smartphone app providing a viewfinder, camera control, ability to edit, and sharing recordings. Both cameras provide a fully immersive experience with 360 degrees video gadget for every tech passionate.  Find great 360 degree cameras here: https://ebay.to/2L5jekJ


Smart speakers utilize A.I., offering the ability to voice control smart devices, make hands-free texts/calls, and more. Voice services work even if you play music, with beam-forming technology, that hears you from any direction. Amazon Echo has a built-in assistant named Alexa manages your calendar, to-do list, weather forecast, traffic information and more. Alexa is gets smarter as you use it. It can be described as “an ultimate experience”.  Find great smart speakers here: https://amzn.to/2Irpsto


Snap Power is no average night light, it is a LED guide light built into the wall plate of an outlet that doesn’t require battery’s or wires. It can save you money as it only cost around ten cents per year to power. Snap Power doesn’t heat up like regular night lights so it’s safe for kids. It automatically turns off and on depending on lighting. This is not only a for tech passionate but for the whole family. It can be installed within seconds and it offers a money-back guarantee if the client is not satisfied.  Find cool outlet led plates here: https://ebay.to/2IuDSbW


Navdy features an advanced augmented reality display projected on the windshield transparently over the road ahead in full color, clearly visible, with automatic dimming at night. Google maps powers Navdy navigation allowing you to find destinations, use offline maps, live traffic, and built-in GPS. Navdy can read aloud messages/notifications and reply with Siri or google assistant. Use Hand gestures to accept, dismiss, or return calls effortlessly. Navdy provides your dashboard with vital driver info including speed limit, MPG, fuel range, RPM, and compass. This gadget ensures you’re up to date with important information while you keep control of your driving at all times.  Find it here: https://amzn.to/2rMqg5F

After reading about the five different gadgets for tech passionate, we hope you found your next favorite gadget or gained some useful knowledge. Either way, the five products listed are just a few options within the growing multitude of gadgets. With the tech industry always advancing, new gadgets for tech passionate are always on the road to being created and released.

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