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5 Gadgets to Keep Your Home Safe

There is doubt about it, crime is a big issue these days and home security is an important consideration. Some areas might be slightly safer than others but there is always some risk. You need to protect yourself, your possession and your family at all times.

Home security can be a costly exercise. Fortunately, technology is helping out and there are many new gadgets on the market that are cost effective and will help protect your home.

These are my top 5 gadgets to keep your home safe.

Roboguard Early Warning Sensors

It is far better to detect criminals before they enter your house or building then once they are already in. A normal alarm will alert you if someone has broken in but an early warning system tells you before they even get there.

 The early warning sensor by Roboguard is a good example of one such system. It is completely wireless making it simple to install and can be moved if necessary. It will integrate with your existing alarm system and it never sleeps. It is great for homes, businesses or farms.

Brinno PHV Digital Peephole Viewer

This clever device is simple, cost effective and great solution. Normal peepholes give you a very poor view of what is outside the door. With the Brinno PHV Digital Peephole viewer you get a much larger, crystal clear picture on a LCD panel. The other great benefit is that unlike conventional peepholes, the digital viewer is suitable for people of any height.

It even has a zoom facility if you cannot see clearly and an automatic switch off after 10 minutes.

For other home security advice and ideas, check out sites such as .

Get it here: https://ebay.to/2rM6kPJ

Barking Dog Alarm

Dogs offer great protection against unwanted intruders. They will hear, see, smell or even sense someone and will immediately start barking. The problem with dogs is that they are high maintenance. They have to be fed, played with and looked after when you are away. They also get old or simply sick. Another thing is that not everyone likes dogs.

The perfect solution to this is to get an electronic dog. The amazing barking dog alarm will pick up unwanted guests using radar and microwave technology, even through walls and doors, and will make a loud, realistic barking sound. This is highly likely to scare off the burglars and you will be safe. The best part is, it never gets sick and you do not have to feed it.

Get it here: https://ebay.to/2IImVhR

Wireless IP Cameras

State of the art new wireless IP cameras will allow you to keep an eye on your property wherever you might be. They have come a long way from the grainy old black and white CCTV cameras in the past.

You simply install the cameras and set it up to stream to your computer, phone or other mobile device. You could even be in another country and have a great view of what is going on at home or work.

The new systems have some amazing features including sound and motion detectors, zoom, pan and live streaming.

Find them here: https://amzn.to/2Kwbbfk

Fake TV Deterrent

A thief will prey on a house they think is empty or at the very least, with people asleep. With the clever fake TV deterrent, any would-be burglar will assume you are home and awake and most likely move on to his next target.

It uses LED lights to project movement around the room as if you were watching TV. It can be set with a timer if you are away, giving the illusion that someone is home. It is a simple, inexpensive yet very practical idea that will help in keeping you safe at home.

Get it here: https://ebay.to/2L9uPiG

All of these ideas are affordable and can be used alone or in combination to add extra levels of security. You can never be too careful so give it some thought and take action to protect your belongings, yourself and your family.

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