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5 Marketing Strategies that Will Work

The importance of marketing as a strategy for cutting yourself a niche in a crowded market cannot be overstated. Whether yours is a small business or an already established brand, you need to keep your product appealing in the eyes of consumers at all times.

Here are five strategies that you can never go wrong with in your bid to stay ahead of other businesses competing for your target market:

1. Branding

Once you roll out a product, you need to package it in a way that will make it stand out from similar competing products and make potential buyers gravitate towards it. A catchy name is the easiest way to achieve this. The product logo comes closely behind.

In trying to achieve brand superiority, always remember that simplicity is key. Adopt a name and logo that consumers can quickly grasp and remember.

You can also make your product stand out by producing great quality and competitive prices, but these are secondary strategies. Customers have to first purchase a product to know its quality while too low prices would make it be perceived as inferior.

2. Guest Posting

You definitely need to make your product known to the masses. The most effective way to do this is to display and talk about it where the target consumers are. Traditionally, this would comprise appearing at expos and posting adverts.

In the digital age, however, guest posting is the easiest and cheapest way to get to your audiences. Seek to have guest posts on other websites that have content directly related to your product. Be subtle in your posts by explaining how your product can solve consumers’ problems rather than coercing them to buy.

3. Content generation and Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Besides appearing on other sites, you also need to have content of your own. This is usually a website where people can read more about your product and probably make an online purchase.

Your content needs to be of superior quality to ensure it appears at the top when users search for relevant terms. Google, the most popular search engine, is continuously using relevance as the key metric to rank content. Relevant content needs to be :

  • Lengthy: 2,000 words and longer articles are considered rich by Google. 500 words are the general standard, but the lengthier the better.
  • Authoritative: Your content needs to show knowledge of the subject matter and an ability to offer solutions.
  • Related: You need to show that other industry players are talking to and about you by having backlinks from other sites.

Employing SEO tools to make your content easier to find is also a great way to rank top on search engines. However, as Adam White, the founder of SEOJet says, ”focusing more on establishing your brand is a much better way to gain trust from Google than any particular link strategy.”

4. Google Ads

Paying to have your content to appear top among search results is the most effective way to emerge from a sea that contains established giants. It is an extra cost for small businesses but highly rewarding as the top search results form the highest percentage of consumer clicks. Over 90% of searchers do not go beyond the first page of search results.

5. Social Media profiles and Ads

The key marketing strategy is to go where the people are. Today people are found on social media. You will need to have Facebook, Twitter and other social media accounts on platforms where your potential clients are. Do not just create profiles and leave them empty. Keep them alive by posting regularly and engaging your audience.

Sponsoring social media posts broadens your reach substantially while at the same time narrowing down to relevant target audiences. Be sure to embrace this gem!

Marketing strategies vary depending on the type of product and target market, but the above five tricks will help you wade successfully through the murky waters of online recognition. These placement models are suitable for pretty much every type of product, business model, and size. However, always remember the two golden rules of marketing: product authenticity is key and genuine content always triumphs over SEO cleverness.

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