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5 Mobile Applications for Drug Testing

Drug testing was first mandated in 1987 by former US president Ronald Reagan, who required federal employees to undergo it. Soon, companies in the private sector followed suit, and the procedure became more popular in the 1990s when the war on drugs gained momentum.

In the workplace, drug tests help managers check whether their employees are fit to work. Substance abuse can be detrimental not just to an employee’s health but also to the safety of the entire organization.

In 2016, 4.2 percent of the workforce in the United States tested positive for illicit drugs, according to a study by Quest Diagnostics. Any employee who takes their job seriously knows the implications of failing this type of test.

Similarly, employers and HR managers may be alarmed to know how rampant drug use has become in recent years. They also know how costly and time-consuming drug screenings can be if they want fast and accurate results. Either way, you may want to try these five apps and mobile technologies that are the best if you want quick, convenient and noninvasive methods for doing a drug test.

EyeScan Drug & Alcohol Impairment Detection Service App

This hassle-free and user-friendly app by EyeScan Inc. promises to give results after conducting a self-test that can be completed in less than 15 seconds. The app works by scanning a person’s face via a mobile phone camera and assessing the pupils and eyes for any signs of intoxication.

Users then have a choice of either saving the results on their device or sending it via email. If you have any privacy concerns, then you can breathe easy knowing that EyeScan does not store any of its users’ information.

The app does not just test for drugs; it also detects alcohol consumption. This is a fast, affordable, and easy way to conduct a drug test without going to a testing facility. HR managers and law enforcement are not the only ones who can benefit from this app. Concerned parents who want to make sure their children are not abusing drugs can use this app at the comfort of their own home.

DetectaChem MobileDetect App

DetectaChem has many solid years of experience in automated detection devices, which they poured into the MobileDetect App. Equipped with the innovative Automated Colorimetric Detection feature, this app provides accurate results in seconds. It can detect a wide variety of drugs, including methamphetamine, cocaine, THC, ketamine, opiates, and more.

Users simply have to place the suspected substances in MobileDetect Pouches and scan the designated section of the pouch using the app. Tests can be logged and saved. There is also a comprehensive drug library with DEA fact sheets.

This app is a fast and cost-efficient option for employers who want to maintain zero tolerance for drug use especially within work premises and for parents who suspect their children may be abusing illicit substances.

Cannabis Drugs Meter App

Cannabis Drugs Meter is a free app that provides anonymous and objective feedback about your marijuana habits. It works by letting users fill up a questionnaire and then comparing their answers to data and statistics gathered all over the world.

Marijuana has seen widespread legalization in recent years. In the US, 10 states plus Washington, DC, have legalized cannabis for recreational use while 33 have legalized it for medical consumption.

Still, marijuana legislation is volatile, and drug policies in the workplace vary, so it helps to be careful when consuming this drug. You can download this app if you are worried about testing positive or you just want to compare your consumption to that of other weed enthusiasts around the world.

Urintel App

A urinalysis is perhaps the most common drug-testing method. Despite the widespread use of urinalysis, interpretation of the results especially via immunoassay can be quite tricky, not to mention the possibility of false positives and false negatives. The Urintel App is designed to guide users, particularly medical practitioners, when evaluating urine screen results.

The user-friendly app also includes a complete list of medications that can trigger false positive results for various drugs, like phencyclidine (PCP). In addition to helping health-care professionals make informed clinical decisions, the app also helps them begin a more efficient and safe dialogue with their patients. Aside from detecting illicit substances, the app is also great for tracking whether a patient has missed important maintenance medication.

Intelligent Fingerprinting

Although not an app, the Intelligent Fingerprinting device is revolutionary in that it can provide fast drug test results via fingerprints collected on a compact and portable device. The first of its kind, the system works by providing a fingerprint sample on a small cartridge, which is then placed on the screening device. It then checks for drug metabolites by analyzing the small traces of sweat in the fingerprints.

Finally, the device gives a pass or fail for each type of drug the sample was screened for. Intelligent Fingerprinting is a cost-effective alternative for drug screening in rehabilitation centers and law enforcement. It is also ideal for assessing fitness for duty in workplaces where safety is of critical concern, such as transportation, construction, and manufacturing.

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