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5 Modern Ecommerce Marketing Methods to Make Your Brand Stand Out

Online shopping has gone a long way in simplifying people’s purchasing activities.  At your fingertips, you can access a world of products, order them, and have them delivered to your doorstep. You don’t even need to limit your selection based only on what’s available in nearby shops.

While that bulk of options sounds amazing for customers, for ecommerce store owners, it’s an entirely different story.

It makes promoting their shop an enormous challenge as the marketplace gradually gets saturated daily with more emerging rivals and brand-showcasing tactics.

So the question becomes: How do you make your ecommerce store stand out and grab your customers’ attention?

Find out by diving into these 5 tips:

Apply Omnichannel Strategies

If you’re transacting with customers and promoting your brand on several platforms, apply effective omnichannel strategies to harmonize your ecommerce marketing campaigns and operations.

Disney provides a stellar example with its My Disney Experience app and website. With it, users can create plans for their Walt Disney World vacations, link their tickets and reservations, and manage their trips.

Specifically, they can perform actions such as:

  • Buying and accessing passes and tickets;
  • Reserve and organize their food ordering and dining plans;
  • Review transportation hours;
  • Call for hotel booking, etc.

Disney even has MagicBands cards and wristbands that guests can use to open their hotel doors, get instructions for rides, buy food and merchandise, request purchase delivery to their hotels, and more.

Apply omnichannel tricks like this for a painlessly smooth, unified shopping experience that makes your buyers love and return to your ecommerce shop.

Engage your shoppers effectively with creative marketing

Forming a distinct, exciting brand often involves plenty of customer interaction.

Leverage this by encouraging your shoppers to share their purchases on social media and insert your creative hashtags in their posts. Then feature this user-generated content on your site.

This strategy works because you gain widespread attention for your ecommerce brand and demonstrate how you’ve satisfied your customers. It even gives you a positive social media ROI.

Another powerful way of engaging your shoppers and setting your brand apart is by adding personalized notes to every purchase.

Though this can become an uphill climb if you have a mountain of orders, see how you can work this out.

After all, adding a personal touch to your customers’ packages makes them feel extra special. In turn, this solidifies their brand loyalty and your memorability to them.

Sell your products on social media

So you’ve established a tremendous social media following, and you know precisely what your shoppers want to see in your content. What’s the next step?

Harness that opportunity by promoting and selling your items on social media. Turn those avid followers into loyal customers and your likes, comments, and shares into sales.

Thankfully, several social platforms now offer simple, customer-intuitive (not forceful) social selling arrangements. They even let you link your ecommerce store to your social pages.

Examples include Instagram’s shoppable posts where links for purchasing subtly appear in photos of your products. Facebook can also detect your selling posts, transform or recommend sale-friendly formats, and has a functional marketplace.

You can even automate your social selling activities through social prospecting, dynamic and formal approaches, audience segmentation, and others.

This is a good idea because automation increases your business’ bottomline, helping you garner more sales and profit while becoming popular on networking sites.

Create First-Rate Content

Your business has more to offer than just your products and services. In fact, numerous stores become memorable to their customers because of their brand — that is, their distinctive traits.

Every online shop’s brand is unique, but business owners develop them in pretty much the same ways. One of them is by creating excellent content that aligns accurately with their brand.

This tactic is crucial in boosting your online visibility and driving quality traffic.

When creating your content, ensure its originality, high quality, consistency with your message and values, and ability to engage your shoppers. These qualities make your content share-worthy and impressive.

You should also diversify your content pieces into blog posts, videos, photos, quote images, infographics, and case studies — to name a few.

Your brand identity depicted in your logos and company colors also plays a critical role. Display them consistently yet creatively across your site, social platforms, and packaging materials so shoppers remember you quickly.

Additionally, once you’ve created bucket loads of great content pieces on various platforms, you can feature them all on a neat layout in your website or blog section.

Doing this lets your exhibit your online presence, integrate your work, and modernize your PR for a better brand portfolio.

Promote your ecommerce store beyond geographic perimeters

What do your local grocery store and nearby shops have in common?

The answer: They often struggle with appealing to potential buyers from other zip codes.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s not because their business isn’t a great fit. Rather, their physical locations make them less movable, so promoting their stores beyond geographic boundaries becomes complicated.

Think about the ecommerce giant, Amazon. Lacking buildings, it maximized its freedom to reach customers beyond their physical locations — that is, on the Internet, which is practically boundless.

Amazon has a big advantage in terms of economies of scale. The store can pay less on rent and lease and transform those savings into customer discounts and free shipping.

Ordering from Amazon online has become a more feasible choice for its customers than visiting its physical stores.

This makes Amazon a definite crowd-pleaser and a business model many companies look up to.

If you want to run an outstanding ecommerce store like Amazon, set up the right business process management systems, procurement software, purchasing requisition processes, and other related infrastructure to streamline your operations.

The result? Quicker customer transactions and happy, returning buyers who will gladly recommend and put in a good word for your shop.

Getting your ecommerce store to stand out is a daily thing.

To continually outshine your rivals in the ecommerce world, you have to regularly commit to making your initiatives stand out.

With these and other tactics, you can succeed at doing just that and capturing your target buyers’ attention, interest, and buy-in.

Keep experimenting and evaluating your performance and listen to insights and customer feedback. Eventually, you’ll shine among the brightest in the ecommerce space.

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