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5 Reasons Why You Still Need to Use Printed Marketing Materials in Your Business

It’s a digital era whereby almost everyone is using the internet more compared to other forms of printed media. Social media is the fastest way of getting the news that goes viral within seconds.

Many brands are embracing social media and search engines to do their marketing. Due to that, many people’s emails get flooded with sales pitches.

Few people read those emails. Besides that, social media platforms like Facebook only allow your posts to be seen shortly before going down to the newsfeed.

This doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t use social media and the internet for marketing your business. The point is, you need to incorporate printed marketing materials in your marketing campaigns.

Some businesses stopped using printed materials because they think it’s an outdated method of marketing. When you use them alongside digital marketing, you tend to be unique.

However, you need to have attractive and modern designs on your printed marketing materials. One of such marketing materials are booklets which tend to offer you more space to talk about your business. If you use them on a function, everyone would want to know what’s inside.

They will get your social media and website information in it and still follow you. The same applies to other printed materials.

Let’s see why printed materials are still necessary for your business.

Brand Awareness

The best marketing method is the one done consistently. It increases the awareness of your brand. Did you know that printed materials have a more lasting impression compared to digital marketing?

When you give out printed materials, your prospects will have it for a long time before disposing of it. Now let’s compare it to digital marketing.

If you market something on social media platforms like Facebook, it will only appear for a few minutes before going down. Even if you market your business using your blog, people are likely to spend a few minutes there then live.

Therefore it would be great to include printed marketing materials in your business. Consider having business cards as one of the marketing materials.

Tangible products bring a more profound connection

Could you break the monotony of digital marketing and add printed materials to your business? The best thing about printed materials is that they can stay in homes and offices for a long time.

Printed materials create a deeper connection between your audience and your product. By touching the materials and seeing what you have to offer, they are taken away from the digital world.

Before seeing your real product, they already get the feel of your product by touching your printed materials.

If you have several products to market, consider putting them in brochures or booklets. Look for a perfect booklet printing company to design brilliant graphics to showcase to your prospects.


Printed materials are credible. There is a feeling of legitimacy that comes with printed materials. You could keep them somewhere if you didn’t complete reading them and come back to complete reading later.

As for digital resources, you might have to look for them at a specific website or social media profile. If you are dealing with a social media profile that has posted many ads per day, it may be a hassle to find them.

One of the best ways of maintaining your clients is by creating trust. No one will want to associate with a brand they don’t trust.

Most people trust print adverts compared to other forms of advertisements. Most consumers don’t trust digital marketing ads and term them as spam, false information or virus.

Unfortunately, some people go to extents of using other business names to market products relating to that niche. That’s the reason why most people don’t like digital marketing adverts.

You can use them, but adding printed marketing materials helps you become more credible to your audience.

Brand Engagement

As mentioned earlier, people can have an emotional connection with print marketing materials compared to digital marketing. That is evident on time, people tend to read blogs compared to the time they would take to read a magazine.

Most people skim while reading online content, which makes them spend approximately 15 seconds on a website. However, some consumers can spend up to 43 seconds reading a magazine.

Researchers found out that paper advertisements resulted in more emotional response.

Contrary to that, most people ignore online ads. Picture this, what would be your reaction when someone hands you an attractive poster in a while walking along the streets?

You would want to know what’s in it before throwing it away. But if you saw it online, there are high chances that you would skip the ads. That’s why you should incorporate printed materials in your marketing campaigns.


As we know, preparing printed marketing materials takes more time compared to digital documents. With digital marketing, you need to create an advert and post them online.

However, with printed marketing materials, you not only have to prepare them but publish them and distribute them as well. That’s quite some work. Maybe that’s why the majority of businesses love using the digital method of marketing.

However, the results are fantastic. People will find you different from other brands. Since they will retain your printed materials longer, they will remember your brand. Whenever they need your product or service, they are likely to buy it.

Increases Customer Loyalty

One of the most effective and handy printed marketing materials is custom business cards, which can also increase customer loyalty. Durable, useful, and appealing business cards are perfect to send your marketing message directly to potential clients or people who likely need your products and services. Handing your business card to high prospects increases the likelihood of more sales and business partnerships.

Here are some ways to increase customer loyalty using custom business cards

Incorporate Your Loyalty Program

Instead of traditional paper printed business cards, you can upgrade it by incorporating a loyalty program into it.

Swipe and redeemable business cards and loyalty cards rolled into one so users can earn points is a great business opportunity and a creative way to boost customer loyalty.

Discount Card

Embed a QR code so new customers can show your business card to your retail branches and avail of a one-time discount for the first purchase.

You can also give out two or more discounts for succeeding purchases or a minimal lifetime discount as long as the card is used to make purchases at a certain amount limit.

Privilege Card

Why not incorporate privileges for those who come to your business and present your handed away business cards? It’s one way to attract more people to do business with you than your business card being thrown away in the bin.

Give your new customers a freebie or a privilege to sit on the front row of a benefit concert or other company events wherein you can include your loyal customers.

Grant Access

People always crowd when they know they’ll benefit something from it. So, why not grant special access to loyal customers on your online resources and have them sign-up in exchange for a fun and exciting gift?

If you have exclusive tutorials and other digital products for sale, you could offer one-time access to give a customer a sneak peek of your top products using the one-time credentials embedded on your business card.

Final Thoughts

If you had never used printed marketing materials or stopped using them, it is time to rethink your decision. As a business, strive to do something different from your competitors. It makes your potential customers’ have a reason to choose you over others.

You need to use the right print materials to do your marketing. Consider having business cards, booklets, brochures, and flyers, among others. Use them in trade shows and other events related to your niche.

You could also give them to customers who come to buy from your business. Consider finding a perfect bound booklet printing firm to help you with this.

Love when you put this kind of research in the article.

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