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5 Reasons You Want Your PowerPoint to Grab its Audience

When it comes to giving presentations, Microsoft PowerPoint is an excellent product that is also quite simple. PowerPoint is a wonderful choice if your presentation requires a visual kick, capabilities for collaboration, quick access, or the capacity to share material beyond the first meeting. All of these things may be accomplished using PowerPoint.

It can also minimize the anxiety associated with public speaking by diverting attention away from the speaker and onto a screen. However, you should not anticipate using this technology will replace having sound and dynamic speaking skills.

Make Your Presentation Capture Your Audience

It will be difficult for individuals to commit the knowledge you provide into their long-term memory if they do not understand it. Or, even worse, it stores in long-term memory, but it is, in fact, wrong because they were unable to follow up with your presentation as it was being given.

According to the findings of recent studies, the retention of information in long-term memory can be improved by including both an excellent visual and a small amount of supplemental text. Slides with excessive text and an excessive number of bullet points are bad at doing this objective, as I’ve indicated previously and as is the case with all of the other examples I’ve shown.

Visual Impact

It is possible to boost the concentration of your audience by incorporating multimedia into your presentation to make it more appealing to them. You can increase the visual impact of your presentation by using photos, audio, and video with PowerPoint. A presenter may also benefit from using these visual and aural cues to become more spontaneous and engaging with the audience. However, it would be best to make an effort not to rely too heavily on these sources because your message may be lost in the din.

Motivate Your Audience

Your audience should walk away from your presentation, having taken some action due to the information you shared with them, right? You want to strike a chord with the audience and motivate individuals to take action

You may want your first-year students to do well on their tests. Perhaps you believe that officials should adopt a “Medicare for All” plan and wipe out outstanding student loans. No matter what it is, the purpose of the presentation you’re presenting is to affect the audience somehow.

Utilizing high-quality graphics will ensure your audience is paying attention to the text, comprehending it, and remembering it; get a quick PowerPoint presentation design course and achieve better presentations. But there is one benefit of graphics that we haven’t covered yet: their ability to resonate with your audience. If you want this to occur, you have to find a way to get your audience emotionally invested.

Simple to Convert and Simple to Distribute

A presentation can be quickly converted into any currently in-demand format. In addition, it is simple to publish a PowerPoint presentation on the web.

Why not convert your deck into an audio or video file instead? You can instantly begin streaming live on YouTube with only a few clicks. You can use add-ons provided by a third party.

It’s also a good idea to try saving the document as a PDF. You can’t go wrong with this format because it’s simple, lightweight, and universally compatible with all modern devices. However, keep an eye out for any interruptions in the quality. There is a strong possibility that not all flashy visual effects, including animations and transitions, will be preserved. You might want to compress your material to a text document in certain circumstances, such as when you have extensive editing demands for text or when you need improved compatibility. Export the slides into Microsoft Word and consider expanding the bullet points into a full-fledged article if time permits.

Include Images

It is well known that our brains can comprehend visual information significantly faster than text. Working memory and cognitive load are two possible explanations for this phenomenon. The audience will have an easier time understanding the presentation material if you include images in your slides

Our working memory is the part of our brains responsible for processing new information, thinking about it, and attempting to find a “home” for it in our existing memories. It is very simple for us to become overloaded during this process, particularly if there are interruptions, if we are exhausted, or if we become confused.


PowerPoint is here to stay, whether you like it or not. It may be the only e-Learning development software you have accessible, especially if you’re short on both time and resources. It is safe to expect that PowerPoint will continue to be the primary power broker in e-Learning for many years to come. Practically every writing solution or learning management system can be traced back to PowerPoint and its strong capability.

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