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5 Tested Marketing Strategies That Actually Work

Developing marketing strategies that increase revenue is challenging for some brands. Whether keeping staff or finding the right tools, developing strategies isn’t easy. With the big picture in mind, continue reading to discover five tested marketing strategies that work.

When these strategies get implemented, they speed up and grow businesses.

Content Marketing

Content is a crucial part of every stage when marketing. On social media platforms, content marketing is a strategy that attracts followers. Content causes followers to stop scrolling and engage with specific posts. Content marketing should offer something of value and is a way of sharing information online that stimulates interest and promotes a brand.

Content marketing plays a significant role in marketing. It drives a company’s operational and tactical performance. Some of the most popular categories for content marketing include blog content, podcasts, videos, and social media.

The steps involved in content marketing are:

  • Have defined goals
  • Establish a target audience
  • Identify keywords that are part of the problem and solution (which your business solves)
  • Conduct a content audit
  • Determine the content you will use

Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a marketing strategy or tool. It is designed to create organic company growth. As a tool, SEO uses the best keywords to improve the experience and performance of websites. The result is better visibility and engagement based on SEO.

Different niches have keywords that users are familiar with when searching that topic. They rank your brand when it uses those keywords in blogs, website posts, and other content. Those containing the best keywords will pop up sooner. For example, blog posts about the best summer dresses should contain keywords like summer dresses, best summer dresses, hot weather dresses, best hot weather dresses, women’s clothing, etc.

Some benefits of marketing departments using SEO include:

  • Increases organic traffic
  • Offers higher return on investment
  • Provides 24/7 promotion
  • Reaches large target audience

Social Media Marketing

Over 80% of people worldwide use smartphones and computers. That is why social media marketing, also known as digital marketing, has grown in popularity. Social media gives companies various ways to engage with existing customers and gain new ones. Social media has three major marketing components: connecting, interacting, and data.

Besides transforming how businesses network, social media can influence consumers based on their demographics, personal information, and messaging.

Businesses looking to use social media as a marketing platform should:

  • Align social media message goals to their business objectives
  • Learn more about the target audience
  • Conduct competitive analysis of competition
  • Create memorable content
  • Track performance and adjust message as needed

Affiliate Marketing

You’ve seen an affiliate marketing link if you’ve ever logged on to a blog. The concept of affiliate marketing allows affiliates of a brand to receive a commission. Their commission gets based on a profit from a brand’s sales from traffic driven by their affiliates. Many influencers have seen huge success from using such programs.

Performance marketing is advertising programs that allow affiliates to get paid when tasks are completed. Those actions could include a booking, completing a lead, downloading, or selling. In this marketing type, the brand and the affiliate make money.

Marketing departments using performance as a measurement use all the marketing strategies available. Instead of paying a flat fee to affiliates, performance creates commission. According to impact.com, the success of performance works because brands are “able to monitor and measure the success of every campaign you undertake.”

Landing Pages

A landing page is a page dedicated to converting possible customers into paying customers. It is where people land when they click an external link in an email or advertisement. The landing page is a gateway to the company’s website and is designed to stimulate a human connection with users and persuade them to the desired action.

Some benefits of a landing page include:

  • They improve brand awareness
  • They boost online sales revenue
  • Creates targeted coupons and offers
  • Promotes webinars and other events


As you have read, developing marketing strategies that increase revenue can be challenging. That results from several factors, including staff and finding the right tools. However, there are five tested strategies listed above that work. When implemented, they speed up and grow businesses.

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