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5 Tips for Marketing Your Amusement Ride Business

Successfully marketing any business comes with its challenges. The amusement ride industry, however, is adaptable in that you can have more fun with your marketing of the products. It’s always easier to market something which has a positive, exciting atmosphere around it, with potential for great videos and photos which truly do it justice.

Here are some starting tips in marketing your amusement ride business.

Gather Reviews

The great thing about an amusement attraction business is that you’re going to have a wealth of consumers who have had a positive and fun experience with a party rental company or an indoor playground they visited. When people have had fun experiences, they are more likely to want to talk about it, and it’s crucial that you gather feedback and reviews to further promote your business. You want potential new clients to see how much fun other people have had at your inflatable theme park or with the amusement rides they rented from you for their events. Market this positivity as much as you can.

Videos and Photos

Inflatable attractions and rides are visually pleasing and aesthetically versatile, and you’ll want to take advantage of that as much as possible. You need to ensure that your business website and promotions have the best quality photos of all your attractions, and videos of them in use is a great marketing tool, especially if potential customers can see the great time people are having using your equipment!

Use Social Media

Inflatable rides are very Instagram-worthy – and chances are, any consumer who spends the day using amusement rides is going to want to post a picture of themselves doing so – especially if it’s a huge event like a birthday or occasion. If you have the relevant social media channels, you can connect with your consumers through social media – and they will have the ability to refer you and tag you in any photos or videos they post online. This can increase your business’ visibility and result in great word-of-mouth recommendations, too.

Offer Package Deals and Discounts

If a client is hiring equipment for an activity day, the chances are that they will always be willing to accept a variety of inflatable equipment and an extra piece or two to encourage the excitement of the day. Arrange deals which can benefit you as a business – for example, if they’re looking for an inflatable theme park, offer to throw in another piece of inflatable equipment at a discounted price if they take it.

Display Quality Information

When looking for this sort of equipment, consumers will want to know that it’s safe and of the highest quality. You may know that it is, but if you haven’t displayed the information on your website or through your advertising, then the client won’t know. Consumers will love official certifications and documents which prove your equipment is structurally sound, safe to use and of the best quality. Dedicate space in your marketing for this – it’s crucial.

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