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5 Tips to Improve and Streamline Your Internal Corporate Communication

Are your company’s internal communications streamlined to the best level?  If not, then you are limiting the growth of your organization.

In today’s competitive market, your competency and success depend on how quickly you can adapt to new changes in the industry. For quick execution of new plans, you should streamline your company’s internal and external communication channels.

So if any communication gaps are slowing down your progress, start working on improving them. Here are five essential tips that will help you streamline communications. Towards the end, we have also suggested a cost-effective and impactful tool that will make this process a lot easier for you.

5 Ways to Improve Internal Communications of Your Company

Identify the Communication Gaps

Before finding any solution to streamline internal communications, you need to know the problem with the current communication system. Figure out what is not working by talking with all the team members. Involve the team members from all levels in the discussion to get better clarity and avoid communication gaps.

Take feedback from team members and if they have any suggestions to improve the internal communication. Once you know where and why there is a communication gap in your internal system, you can find a better solution to fix it.

Also, assess how long it takes for inter-departmental tasks to get accomplished. Find solutions to streamline the inter-departmental communication process if it is taking longer than necessary.

Set Goals

Before making your internal communication strategy, you should know which aspects you want to improve. Do you want to focus on higher to lower level communication or peer-to-peer communication, or inter-departmental communication? You can start planning if you know the problems and communication gaps.

Now make it clear about what you want to achieve and set goals. Knowing the communication problems is one thing, but you should also know what level of convenience you want to get in your communication system.

Define what success will mean to you. For example, you want to reduce the time gap between tasks that are interrelated to different departments.

Now it’s time to find solutions. Create a route map on what steps you need to take to improve your internal communications. Select the tools or methods you will need for improving communications.

Most companies end the process here and don’t map their growth, which is why it takes them an unnecessarily long time to fill their communication gaps and achieve their goals. But you should set milestones and dates to achieve your goals, and it will help you and your team quickly fill the communication gaps and focus on the company’s growth.

Select People who can Promote your Initiative

The communication gaps in the company’s internal system can only be filled when people are ready to resolve issues and take the initiative. So, you need to select a few team members who can take this initiative. Find people who are patient and have a good influence on all your employees. Ensure that you pick people across all levels for this purpose, so all management levels are covered and there is overall progress in internal communication.

These people can help bridge the internal communication gaps in the organization. Ask them to promote more open communication and new communication tools and processes you have implemented. Seeing them use the new communication channels and solutions will inspire all team members to do the same, eventually improving your internal communications.

Bring Transparency in Internal Communication

Clear communication is the key to building trust between employees and the management of the company. You need to make it one of your goals and ensure that all the communication is clear, and it is essential to avoid misunderstandings.

When employees trust that the information given to them by the company is correct and provided at the earliest, they will commit to the company. It will motivate them to work for the company’s growth and not just for the sake of earning a livelihood.

And when peer-to-peer communication is clear, it will improve the work environment of your office. There will be fewer issues and bitterness between the employees; it will speed up the overall work productivity.

Use the Latest Technology like Digital Signage

With the global transformations happening in technology, it has become a very integral part of the communication processes in companies. You should ensure that you are using the latest technology for all communication purposes in the company.

One of the best tools you can use for internal communication is Digital Signage, where you install a digital display screen to show multimedia information. You can place it at your reception area, in corridors, or workspace areas. Digital signage is best for internal corporate communication as it can quickly grab the attention of a lot of people at once.

Most of the announcement emails and messages go ignored by employees because they don’t want to start less important communication chats during their deep working hours. It also distracts them, affecting their productivity. So the most commonly used tools for internal communication are not very effective in certain situations. But digital signage is a good alternative as employees can read the announcements when they are not working.

You can get Taggbox Display to create engaging content for your employees and display it on your digital signage. It offers many features such as split-screen view, multimedia display, social wall, and much more. You can use it to display important announcements, event notifications, company and employee achievements, benefit programs, reminders, etc.


Focus on improving communication between all management levels, communication between departments, and communication between peers. Every member of the team is significant, and any communication gaps can slow down the whole process.

A solid internal communication system will ensure the growth of the organization. So take proactive steps to streamline the communications of your organization. Use the steps listed above to ensure that you find the right communication strategy for your team and organization.

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