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5 Trends That Will Shape HR in 2023, 2024

As computers and technology continue to impact our lives in new ways, it’s no wonder many industries are changing. One sector of business that’s evolving the most is Human Resources.

Workplaces have been under the microscope for the past few years, and there’s a lot to reflect on moving forward.

From automation in the workplace to changes in the hiring process, all HR representatives and business leaders alike need to keep an eye on the future.

Here are 5 trends that will shape HR in 2023, 2024 and beyond.

It’s Harder to Attract Top Talent

We’re in the middle of a talent acquisition nightmare. While that might sound extreme, it’s true in different ways across the country. Some are calling this the “war for talent,” and it simply means that it’s both harder to find top candidates and harder to keep high-performers.

According to Monster’s 2018 report on recruiting, 67% of recruiters say it’s much harder to find quality candidates today than it was 5 years ago. What’s causing this shift? There are two big culprits. First, there’s a shortage in the skilled labor market. As the older generation continues to retire, there are more openings than ever before and not enough skilled employees to fill these positions. Second, there’s more competition between employers.

This war for talent is affecting all aspects of HR, especially in the trends below. Employers will need to “battle it out” to compete for top talent, and that comes with some big changes.

Applicants Prefer to Work Remotely

In April 2020, 70% of American were working remotely, according to Gallup. Today, that share is closer to 56%, even though 61% say they prefer working from home. And now, workers are quitting their jobs at the highest rates in 20 years — in fact, it’s the highest rate ever reported by the BLS. Four million people quit their jobs in April 2021 alone.

Rise of Agile Workplaces

Agile is more than just a buzzword. While we normally think of “agile” teams in terms of technology and digital development, it’s becoming the norm in all industries. Today, organizations are asked to shape their internal affairs to external pressures. If they need to produce more faster, then they need teams that can do just that.

Basically, workplaces today need to be more flexible. Teams might work in different silos or ebb and flow as needed. We’re looking at different productivity metrics, as well. This agile trend is just another way to show that the world of HR is changing.

Applicant Tracking Systems as an Asset

New solutions such as smart software are often seen as a tricky way do reach the goal, but it might just be what we all need to keep this industry moving forward. As we mentioned before, the war for talent is a real problem. Applicant Tracking Systems offers different software solutions to make it easier to discover the best candidates in less time, making it simpler for hiring representatives to do their job. This hiring option is only becoming more advanced.

Employers are Building Culture

“What is your ideal workplace culture?” This question is being asked more and more, and with good reason. Since employers often need to compete for top talent, they’re looking for ways to define themselves culturally. In the past few years, big tech companies and startups alike have been working on new ways to define culture, from fun events to shared values, these things matter.

Today, employers need to bet there for employees in new ways. Finding new ways to define the employee/employer relationship is just one of the many trends employers and HR representatives should pay attention to.

The Wage Conversation Continues

Finally, one of the biggest trends shaping HR in 2023 is the wage conversation. Many employers are very careful with how they approach wages, and some even expect a recession in the new future. However, with the war for talent looming in the background, wages need to change.

One way HR representatives are pushing this conversation forward is with benefits. For instance, employees today are looking for things like health insurance, vacation time, and flexible workplaces. These benefits could lead an employee to choose one employer over a higher-paid position, so this is a conversation worth having.

The Future of HR

HR, like just about every industry, is changing rapidly. It can feel intimidating to keep up with growth and changes when the industry is moving so quickly. However, if you can keep a finger on the pulse of change, you’ll move your entire company forward with you.

These trends above are the most important things to pay attention to today. It’s all about finding new ways to attract top talent and keep your best-performing employees. As long as the employees are put first, you’re using these trends to your advantage.

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