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5 Unique Ways To Improve Cannabis Dispensary SEO In 2021

Marketing cannabis products is not one of the easiest jobs. There is only so much you can do with all the legal restrictions to push your products online. You cannot use social media advertising, a great strategy to reach a broader audience in the digital age.

But don’t let any restrictions stop you from marketing your products. You still have some really useful tactics under your belt. With search engine optimization, you can increase traffic to your website and, ultimately, revenue.

Many cannabis users are getting into vaping, with a disposable vape pen being the favorite vaping device. You might get traffic to your website by selling such devices, but that still won’t be enough. You need to combine such tactics with an effective SEO strategy to generate organic traffic.

What strategies are you using to improve your cannabis dispensary SEO? If you don’t have excellent tactics, you won’t effectively affect and influence your online visibility. Here are some great tips that you may find useful:

5 Unique Ways To Improve Cannabis Dispensary SEO

Understand How Cannabis Users Search

Do you know how cannabis users search for pot online? If you don’t, you should because it could change the trajectory of your business. Search engine optimization relies much on keyword research. But content marketing has changed over the years, and the users’ intent matters more now than just the keyword.

Of course, keyword search is still important. But apart from just effective keywords, you need more to drive traffic that can result in sales.  An effective keyword strategy should be based on the reason behind the users’ keywords.

With the use of smartphones, people search more with ‘long-tail’ keywords than before. The introduction of technologies such as voice search enables users to search using long-tail keywords that are more definite.

First, understand how your target audience uses search engines to find their products, then incorporate those strategies into your SEO.

Cannabis Social Media Strategy

What’s your cannabis social media strategy? In the world of social media, it isn’t easy to push your content or even create brand awareness without incorporating social media. If you don’t know that social media is the best way to promote your cannabis dispensary, you don’t realize how much you are missing.

Social media offers the best platform if you want to engage current and prospective clients. If you have quality content for your cannabis dispensary, you would want to push it through social media. Even search engines like Google and Bing now trust pages with bigger social media influence.

Pages with a higher number of shares will index faster. Google uses social media engagement information when ranking pages; so, you want to ensure that your content is popular on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Social media generates “social signals,” which Google uses to determine your content’s popularity on social media platforms. Social signals are trusted recommendations for search engines and will help you rank better. You can try these ways to improve your cannabis dispensary SEO whether you are selling cbdfx vape pens or any cannabis product.

Optimize Your Website For Mobile Phones

More than 260 million people use smartphones in the United States. With such a high number of smartphone users, if you want to reach these individuals, you have to target them through their smartphones. If you haven’t optimized your website for mobile search, then you are missing a lot.

Cannabis users spend a lot of time on their phones, and you can’t afford to have a website that’s not optimized for mobile phones. Your mobile optimization strategies should include having a mobile-optimized website that’s mobile adaptive and mobile responsive.

If your website turns up on a user’s search query and they find that they are struggling to navigate or the pages are taking too long to load, they will simply move to the next site.

Search engines like Google understand that much of the online traffic nowadays comes from smartphones and have responded with mobile-first indexing. This means that the search engine will first index your pages for mobile responsiveness. So, if you don’t optimize your website for mobile search, you may rank much lower than you would.

Link Building

Link building is not a new strategy but remains one of the most effective ways to improve your SEO, especially for a cannabis dispensary. You might already be using links in your strategy, but are they quality, effective backlinks?

Google algorithms have become smarter, and if you use poor-quality backlinks, you will get lower rankings. When it comes to optimizing your website for organic traffic, high-quality content is king. Just using backlinks without quality content will not help your site rank better. You must first create quality content and back it with high-quality backlinks.

The quality of the content will always take precedence in Google’s ranking. Whether your content is in the form of articles, graphics, videos, or infographics, ensure the best quality.

List Your Business On Google My Business

The most successful cannabis dispensaries use local SEO effectively. Listing your business on Google My Business is an effective search engine optimization strategy. While most cannabis products are sold online, people still trust a physical store where they can go and physically purchase their products.

Of course, not all your clients will come to your store but having a physical dispensary increases your credibility, and Google knows this. Listing your business on Google will definitely increase your foot traffic as people know that you are licensed and your products meet the minimum standards.


The SEO world is improving as search engines continue to demand higher-quality content. Competition for raking is higher than before because many businesses have moved online. The competition is even more intense for the cannabis industry as an emergent industry that’s exploding. You need effective strategies to help your website stay ahead of the game.





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