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5 Ways to Promote Your Dental Practice Online

Whether they want a second opinion or have moved and need to find a new clinic, there are lots of reasons why people might be searching for a new dentist. Their first port of call? It’s most likely to be the internet, and people will often use search engines like Google as well as social media to find a dentist to suit their needs.

With that in mind, how can you promote your practice online and ensure you’re the first ones found?

Local SEO

People will usually search for a dentist by using keywords such as ‘dentist + your town/city name, so focusing on local search engine optimization (SEO) is a cost-effective way to get clicks to your practice. Some ways you can boost your ranking include:

  • Using local keywords in your headings and content
  • Ensuring your business details including name, phone number, and address are correct and the same across all channels such as your website and social media, etc.
  • Ensuring you’re listed on Google My Business and updating your details when necessary
  • Encouraging customers to leave Google reviews

Use social media ads

Traditional advertising such as radio or print can be wasteful. After all, do you really want people who are on the other side of the state to hear about your practice? Most dentists only want to target potential patients in the local area, and if you buy adverts on social media sites, you can target them to reach a local audience.

And, it’s not just location you can filter. You can also target your Facebook adverts to reach certain demographics. For example, if you specialize in orthodontics, you could target parents, and if you offer dentures or implants, then you might want to set it up so your ads reach the older generation. You can even place multiple different ads for different demographics, since social media advertising is generally cheap compared to traditional methods.

Provide updates on social media

Encourage patients to like or follow you on social media, as this is a good way to advertise your products and promotions. However, not every post has to be all about sales. Aim for one Facebook post a day, whether it’s about a new member of staff, your new dental supplies from Kent Express, or even community events. This will help you build up a following and feel part of the local business scene.

Use Google Maps ads

If you’re in an area where there are many dental practices locally such as the downtown neighbourhood of a city, then it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Google Maps allows you to place sponsored ads so you can be at the top of search results, which is ideal for practices that offer emergency dentistry and walk-in clinics.

Use a voucher site

Offering discounts on services such as adult braces or teeth whitening can entice people to try your practice and, hopefully, persuade them to switch for all their dental needs. Sites such as Groupon or Living Social are often used to promote dental services, and while your profit margins may be slim, it’s an excellent way to get your name out there.


Advertising online is a great way to target local people and certain demographics, which means it’s ideal for dental practices both new and established. Best of all, online marketing often comes up much cheaper than traditional methods, so you get less wastage and more relevant enquiries.

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