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6 Amazing Customer Service Tips You Can Learn From Online Casinos 

The customer service industry has seen a significant change in the way it operates over the course of the last two decades.

This is predominantly due to the significant number of people who now expect to interact with businesses online as opposed to over the phone or through the post.

Although businesses benefit from this as much as customers do, it’s taking some time for effortless online customer service to be established.

These hesitations to provide up-to-date customer service in the way customers demand has led to lagging business in many industries and has reduced customer satisfaction over time.

One industry that meets current customer expectations effortlessly, however, is online casinos.

Having provided customer service through online means since online casinos first rose to popularity in the early 2000s, this industry is far ahead of any other.

This means that there are many tips that can be taken from online casino customer service and transferred to businesses in other industries.  Below, we will share a few of these points.

Cater To Your Customers Needs

Something the online casino world has done well since from the start: listening to their customers by providing them with support in the means that makes the most sense to them.

In your business, you can do the same by thinking about your target audience and how they are most likely to access your services.

If you are targeting younger generations, for example, you might want to focus your customer service efforts solely through online communication methods.

If you’re targeting older generations who may find online communication more difficult, however, you might want to give priority to your phone lines.

You might even strike it somewhere in the middle, in which case providing customer service via online channels and through your phone line is essential.

Provide The Same Service To All Customers

If you know anything about the online casino world, you’ll know that most companies receive 80% of their profits from just 20% of their players.

Despite these, casino websites provide the same level of customer service support for all customers.

Not only does this ensure that all users feel their needs are being met, but it also shows that the business values all customers, regardless of the profit they bring to the business.

This ethos should be the same for all businesses, regardless of the industry in which you work because it ensures that your reputation remains positive at all times.

When online reputation can literally make or break a business, this customer service tip isn’t one that you want to take lightly.

Make Your Customer Service Available 24/7

Customer service was created to provide customers with an easy way to find answers to their problems.

To make this as easy and accessible as possible, you should make your customer service available on a constant basis.

In the online casino world, this is often done by having people from different time zones managing the chat and phone lines at different points in the day.

They consider this important because it means that everyone can be a player at their casino.  If you follow the same philosophy, then everyone could be a customer in your business, too.

Even if you’re a smaller business that cannot provide this service, having automated emails that answer the most frequently asked questions can help.

In addition to this, your automated email could include websites where customers may be able to resolve some problems on their own.

Maintain A Customer Service Presence On Social Media

In 2019, most businesses have come to view social media as a marketing platform.  Online casinos have also shown it to be a valuable way of providing customer service.

From the beginning of social media’s existence, many of these online casino companies have been using their social media presence to combat customer complaints and acknowledge praise.

Doing so has provided customers with faith that online casino companies are willing to answer concerns quickly and efficiently, and highlights that the casinos take their customers opinions seriously.

For any industry, however, having a strong customer service presence on social media is likely to have a positive impact on its reputation given the importance many consumers place on this aspect of businesses.

It’s also important to remember that many people think enquiries and complaints made over social media are taken more seriously by businesses.

Use Semi-Casual Language

When providing customer service support, it can be tempting to switch to using extremely formal language. This often backfires, however, as it comes off as stiff and makes customer support seem unapproachable.

With many online casinos favouring online chat options,it has become almost expected for those in this industry to take a somewhat lax approach to handling customers.

This doesn’t mean completely forgetting proper business language, but it does mean toning it down to bring an approachable feel to the conversation.  This can work wonders when addressing a customer’s concerns.

Even in more technical industries, relaxing grammar rules can make you seem more human and can encourage people to open up about their problem sooner because they are confident that they won’t be judged for doing so.

Don’t Forget About Security

It goes without saying that customer service on online casino websites should include special consideration to security measures.

That doesn’t mean other industries shouldn’t follow suite, though. Even those who do not handle money directly will likely hold personal details from their customers, such as emails and passwords that should remain secure.

To make sure adherence to this practice is being followed, make sure you are using a secure network for delivering your customer service.

It’s also important to make sure that clients are aware and feel reassured by your privacy measures.


Customer service in the world of online casinos is clearly much further ahead than it is in other industries, but it’s not too late for other industries to catch up.

Even small changes, like changing the language used to make your customer service representatives seem more approachable or increasing your presence on social media can make a world of difference.

Other changes, like making your customer service constantly available and keeping security as tight as possible might take longer to implement but will also reap big returns.

If you make smaller changes at first, you will eventually be able to make big changes and see the same rewards from offering decent customer service that the online casino world already enjoys.

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