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6 Clever Ways to Outrank Your Competitors

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has proven to be very beneficial over the past few years. A while back, most people thought that SEO was only for big corporations and businesses. However, small businesses are also turning to SEO to increase their market and sales.

Businesses today are becoming too competitive to the point that’s it’s becoming hard to keep up with fellow competitors.  Battling for search ranking supremacy can be difficult.  You need to come up with unique strategies that will outrank your competition.

To help you out, below are six clever ways on how to outrank your competitors.

Competition Research and Analysis

For you to succeed in these methods, you must first carry out competition research and analysis. How else are you going to beat your competitors without knowing what they are doing? This research and analysis will keep you at par with your competitors, and you will be able to know how to come up with ways that will improve your ranking on search engine results.

During research, try and find out the following:

  • The content they are publishing
  • The titles
  • Where their backlinks are coming from
  • The hyperlink anchors
  • Any other relevant details

There are some SEO tools that can help you get this information. SEM Rush is a good example.

Come up with Better Content

For you to outrank your competitors, your content should be perfect. You need to do better,  not just in quality but also quantity. Depending on your niche, you should be able to give your audiences all the information related to that keyword. Moreover, excellent content will help you rank higher on search engine optimization. The content should be in-depth, and the word count should be adequate.

Consult Data Marketing Professionals

Despite SEO strategies being beneficial, if you don’t have the right knowledge in this field, things can get a little bit complicated. If you think that you need help to better your online presence and outrank your competitors, then a data marketing agency can be the solution you’ve been looking for. They can help you attract more customers to your website through the latest SEO trends such as website design development and digital marketing. MarkeTop is an example of such an agency that can provide you with the SEO services you require.

Incorporate Visual Content

Images and videos tend to have more impact to your readers than words. Visual content also makes your website appear lively and colorful. Therefore, using a lot of visual content on your site will increase the amount of traffic and help you rank higher. If your competitors mostly focus on text-based content, you can use this as an opportunity to outrank them.

Make Your Content Easy to Digest

We should acknowledge how the modern human being has changed his/her reading habits. Nowadays, people are too busy and don’t have time to go through the entire text looking for information. Most of them only peruse an article and check out the relevant points that appeal to them. You should make your content easy to digest by making your paragraphs short and simple. Always use bullet lists and lots of clear subheadings.

Finally, Beat your Competitors Technically

As mentioned above, competition research is essential. Through it, you will identify your competitor’s website technical issues. You should then make sure that your website is perfect and doesn’t have such technical glitches. For instance, if the competitor’s site lacks an XML sitemap, it will be difficult for search engines bots to crawl to their website. Take time to create an XML sitemap for your site. Deal with all the technical issues affecting your website. Make it better than that of your competitors.

Following the above tips will help you rank high on search engine result pages, hence outranking your competitors. Don’t also forget to speed up your website and ensure that it is easily navigable. Plus, your website should be more mobile-friendly than your competitor’s. Implementing these tips will always ensure that you get to the top and your competitors won’t be able to outrank you.

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