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6 Gadgets That Are Changing Student’s Lives

The learning process a decade or two back can’t be compared to the learning process of today. A lot has changed thanks to technology. Well, not just in education but also sectors such as business, and medical care among others that have reformed too.

Initially, education was more of luxury, and very few individuals in the society could afford it. Over the years, it became a necessity, and as a result, numerous transformations took place in the industry. Students no longer have a valid reason for dismal academic performance; they have a multitude of resources at their disposal and accessible on online platforms.

The resources include gadgets that are changing student’s life and for the better. Back to school shopping season can be frustrating for both parents and students. Well, the amount of money one parts with is a lot, and often at times on items that don’t add as much value to the student’s life. The bright side is that it’s a time to add to new weapons for your armory to make you an even better performing scholar.

Here are 6 gadgets for students to help them manage their busy school schedule better, have fun in their studies while at the same time improve performance:

Moleskin Smart Writing Set

Taking notes was a cumbersome affair, but with moleskin smart writing set your notes can be digitized, organized and shared

Moleskin is a brand created in 1997 that changed how we used the notebook. Although a bit expensive, it’s a tool that serves individuals from different sectors including education, business and art professionals. The Moleskin Smart Writing Set contains the following items:

  • Paper tablet
  • Pen + smartpen
  • 1 pen tip ink refill
  • USB recharging cable
  • User manual which also includes Moleskins history

This is an excellent tool for those who have a preference for taking notes by hand or the creative doodler. This gadget allows you to have your handwritten notes in digital form. With the Pen + smartpen, thanks to code technology, each stroke made on the special paper will be digitized. Whether it’s a drawing or written text or audio all of them can be digitized. You can edit, share and organize your work. You have the option of sharing your notes in PDF, vector, image or text format. The gadget also offers lots of design options and color.

Price Range: $199 on Amazon  Also get it here: https://ebay.to/2KtYuSo

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite

No more carrying loads of books, with the Amazon Kindle Paperwhite, every book you need can be stored on one device

The Amazon Kindle Paperwhite is one of those gadgets that every student will find useful. Carrying your books around can be tiresome, the Kindle Paperwhite is your solution. You can store all the books you need for the semester in it. Kindle has the potential to save thousands of books including giving you access to other academic texts such as causal essay topics, scientific research and so on, although you may be required to pay a certain fee.

It has been designed with features that can help students with their studies that include access to the meaning of words, note-taking and highlighting features among others.

Price Range: $120 on Amazon

Logitech Slim Folio iPad Keyboard Case

Anyone using an iPad to take notes definitely needs the perfect keyboard case – Logitech’s Slim Folio

Logitech’s Create Backlit and Logitech’s Slim Folio Keyboard Case are excellent options for anyone using an iPad for taking notes. Logitech’s Slim Folio works well with the 2017-issue iPad while Logitech’s Create Backlit works with the iPad Pro which is much larger.

Features include a replaceable coin cell battery that can last up to 4 years, a keyboard row dedicated to iOS shortcuts such as search and Siri. The Logitech’s Create Backlit also works well with the iPad smart connector that saves you from the Bluetooth pairing process.

Price Range: $100 on Amazon

Fitbit Charge HR Wireless Activity Wristband

It’s important to track your steps, live healthily and be happy. With a healthy body and mind, your performance will be up to standard

Succeeding academically takes more than just being studious. You’ll also need a healthy body and mind. The Fitbit will help you ensure that you not only stay fit but also keep time. The Fitbit also doubles up as a watch, we all know the value of time management in school otherwise we will find ourselves behind in our studies. To track your every move day and night, the Fitbit Charge HR is the answer. You can check your heart rate, amount of sleep, steps made in a day and calories burned, among others. Generally, it helps you keep fit. It also comes in different varieties and colors for both sexes.

Price Range: $60 to $150 on Amazon

Morphie Powerstation Mini

No more going offline because of power, the Morphie Powerstation Mini ensures that your phone stays charged all day long

Your phone is an essential gadget whether in school or at home. The problem is, you’ll often experience low battery which is limiting especially if you’re using it to browse, listen to music or take pictures and videos. The Mophie’s Powerstation Mini helps by giving you an extra 3000mAh battery, which is sufficient power to last you a day. It’s slim and can fit into small spaces such as a purse.

Price Range: $30 on Amazon

Seagate Backup PlusUltra Slim

Having an external storage or back up for your work is crucial, you never know when something might happen to your laptop, and you end up losing valuable data

It can be devastating to lose an assignment or paper that you’ve been working on for weeks or months. It could be as a result of numerous factors such as a virus or any computer malfunction. The Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim will help you avoid such a scenario by giving you a chance to backup data. You can back up your data as often as you wish. Your  although unavoidable challenges do come about and the Seagate Backup Plus Ultra Slim will help you avoid significant setbacks should you lose data.

Price Range: 2TB at $100 and 1TB at $64.99 on Amazon


These gadgets play a significant role in every student’s life. They help make life studying less hectic, more fun and organized despite the busy schedules. Education transforms us into refined people; it gives us a way to survive after school and should, therefore, be taken seriously. One way of being serious is ensuring that we have the best gadgets and resources to make us successful. Just like going to battle, we need to arm ourselves with necessary tools to assist us in our studies and improve our academic performance.

Although not all the gadgets have a direct relation to our studies, they instead help make our lives easier, some even being necessary for our peace of mind and good health. These are just 6 gadgets, there are much more online, and you can identify the ones tailored to your needs. Plus, they keep on changing with new and more improved versions being introduced to the market now and then.

Author Bio: Christina Battons is a creative writer and content strategist from LA. Currently, I write for various sites. My posts address the various topics about self-education, writing, motivation, professional development. In my spare time, I prefer to read novels and crime thriller stories. Fell free to follow me on @battonschristi to ask questions or see more my works.

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