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6 Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn SEO Basics

The whole world has experienced a paradigm shift to the online world and we now live in an era where nothing can be imagined to function without the internet. It has become such an integral part of bread earning process that we now have to take our business online to be visible to the world.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a process of getting organic viewers through searches on the search engine like Google. Though this job is usually done by professionals it is nothing that one cannot learn themselves. We will give you a few very good reasons to go ahead and learn some SEO basics yourself.

Understand Search Engines

SEO has one big job to do and that is to show your website on the top results when someone searches for a keyword that matches to your website. While you are learning the basics for yourself you will realise the working of the search engine and how organic search works. Moreover, you will be able to make decisions for your own website as to exactly when and how you would want your site to appear in the search results.

Save Money

There are professionals who offer to make your website user-friendly and all the work they do involves hardly any technicality and can be done by almost anyone with a little technical knowledge. Not that there is obviously work involved that requires professionals but some basic level work is easy. If you learn the basics you can get SEO or also SEM for your website done yourself and save some money. SEM is different from SEO but is very much inter-related in many contexts.

Smart Decision Making

Once you have your basic website up and ready you will have to make it search engine friendly so that the crawlers in there become your friends and pop you up at the top when someone searches for you. When you are going to be outsourcing your website for Search Engine Optimization to a professional you should know the basics of it so that you are able to make intelligent decisions as to what exactly you want to be done to your website and what is the result you should expect according to the amount you are paying.

Be Updated

The online trend is growing at fast pace and there are new things coming up almost daily with the list of achievements in technology reaching the skies. Nobody wants you to become an expert in a field which is not your prime. After your site has been optimized there can be a few updates like the one rolled out by Google called the “Jagger”. Now, you cannot afford to pay the professionals the same amount of money just because of an update. If you know the basics you might just be able to make the required changes.

Better Utilization of The Digital Platform

There is a lot more the digital platform has to offer other than SEO/SEM. There is a whole list of tools that are very user-friendly and require no professional training. Basic knowledge of SEO will help you understand the working of the tools better and you can grow your business the way you want it to and do not have to remain dependent who might not be as ambitious towards your goals.


Online safety is a grave issue and always needs to be kept in mind given the current scenarios of ever-growing cyber threats. It is highly essential to keep your data secure and it can be difficult to trust anyone on this front. Knowing the basics yourself, you will know exactly to what extent you are exposing yourself and will not become a victim due to under-knowledge.

These were some strong reasons to motivate you to learn SEO basics for yourself and be as independent as you can. People nowadays are looking for cost-cutting options to be able to invest the same amount of money in another aspect of interest and this is the best place you could do that.

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