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6 SEO Tools You May Have Not Known Existed

When working on search engine optimization either for your client or your website, you need the necessary tools to make business a success. With the advancement of technology, you need to use the latest tools such as MySQL server backup if you want to put up with the stiff competition in the online space.

If you do not have a budget for SEO tools, do not worry at all because you can use the free SEO tools to do many projects as many projects as possible. The best part is that some tools offer you with an opportunity to use them freely or use the premium features. You can make use of these tools to your advantage. These tools are readily available on the internet.

Here are some SEO tools you didn’t know existed. Give them a try!

AdWords Keyword Tool

This is an excellent tool used for keyword research.

It is essential that SEO campaigns start with researching keywords. To perform this, your best bet would be Google AdWords Keyword tool, which offers you superb services free of charge. The tool is not exact when it comes to numbers, but it is a great choice when you want to get keyword ideas to use on your site.


SERPtimizer checks the complete website for various errors free of charge. These include errors in the title, description, meta tags, images as well as internal and external links. If you add one of the paid packages, you can also track keywords, monitor your backlinks and take a closer look at your competitors. If that’s not enough, you can check the speed of your website and also do something for your link building.

SEO Site Tools Chrome Extension

Are you looking for a way to check stats of a website such as incoming links, SEO Title, page rank, Meta description, Page Authority, Alexa Traffic ranking and other information concerning search engine optimization? If you use Chrome, then you can take advantage of SEO site tools since they are highly compatible with this browser.

Open Site Explorer

With this tool, you have the opportunity to see PageRank of different pages are browsing. you can add it as an your extension on your browser. The bright side is that you can use this tool to get tips for onsite optimization which is under the suggestion tab.

And now the good news – for those who do not use chrome, they can take advantage of some free SEO tools such as SEOmoz that can be used with Firefox. There is also SEOquake that can be used with various browsers.

You can use open site explorer which is the best way of finding links to your site. It will help you for link building opportunities.  You can use the tool to research backlinks of your competitors’ sites. The research is essential as it enables you to know the possible links that you can get use for improved rankings

With open site explorer, you can enter a domain and also view its backlink. Since you are using it for free what you get is detailed information concerning the top five links. But still, you have the opportunity to view over 200 backlink URL for the domain.


Are you looking for paid search? Do you want to know more about your competitors? Use the above tool to get the answers to these questions. There is an option to use it freely whereby you can run a report that shows a limited number keywords. All you need to do is to enter a domain and click Full Report Link that is under organic keywords.

Apart from researching keywords for your competitors, you can also use Serpstat for marketing your content. You can use the tool to know how each article is doing by searching it. A graph will then be generated, and give you all the results you need.

Are you looking to boost your SEO ranking? Are you working for a customer’s website and you need to improve their organic ranking? You need the necessary tools that will help you succeed in your endeavors. They are all mentioned above!

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