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6 SEO Trends That Will Be the Focus Of 2023, 2024

SEO is definitely a complex system. However, what’s interesting is that the rules are ever-changing. Every year or so, there are new trends in the search world. This is actually the case for all things in this generation.

Search engines work hard to ensure better search results every single time. With the changing system of SEO, let us look at some new trends that will definitely dominate the year of 2023, 2024.

SERP Features to The Max

SERP features are probably the main trends on the list. This is because it is the reason for distracting organic viewers from search results. You may think this is not that big of an issue. However, this is the reason you get less traffic. SERP has evolved drastically throughout the years. This fact makes it even more of a concern.

This trend will definitely be the one dominating the SEO game this year. Make sure to keep track of your rankings. This is with regards to the SERP features. It is important to know where you stand and it is easy to do so with much available software. You can also monitor the features that show up for your keywords. This way, you will find out that your traffic is getting stolen from you.

Structured Data

This is something that helps search engines in interpreting information and shows how to display it in SERP features. It is also known for formatting HTML and for using specific vocabulary.

Although structured data isn’t really a ranking signal, it is still important to acknowledge it. The reason for this is because it allows you to enhance your search listings in several convenient ways. It is better to use different and unique ways of search result interpretation. This is because the competition in this sector is getting more advanced every day. What we mean to say is, stay ahead of the game.

Speed Is Good

As a ranking signal, speed is really beneficial for the UX factor. There are certain expectations for search result speed. Google, for instance, is supposed to have its pages laded within three seconds. We are aware that this is a hard level to reach. But, it isn’t an impossible goal to reach. You can take Google’s speed test to see your search result speed potential overall. This way, you can look at a few ways that you can increase the speed of your search results.

Convincing Content Quality

Google has a lot of ways of assessing the quality of your information. It is very difficult to get away with actually not having good content. Here is when something called Latent Semantic Indexing comes in. Google uses it to looking at a huge number of pages and keywords after which it analyses its connection. It then finds out whether a piece of content is comprehensive or not. What Google does next is looking for the best performing search results and then look for their similarities. This is done in order to receive the best analysis of the authenticity of the information.

Audio Searching

Voice search might not be conventional but it’s definitely getting there. You might be hesitant to try it out, but it has become quite popular amongst teenagers and middle-aged people. This new searching system is formal in nature and is quite convenient. These factors are what make it immensely popular. People are even starting to prefer it over regular search. Try out Rank Tracker or any other software to find out what regular voice searchers are likely to search for.

Make it Visual

Video content has definitely come a long way. With the establishment of YouTube, a video-sharing website, back in 2005, videos are all over the internet. So, it is no doubt that most of the traffic produced by users comes from video sources that they might be searching for. Also, let us not forget that YouTube is now the second-largest search engine in the world. If videos are huge this year at this level, one can only imagine the state of the internet in a few years.

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