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6 Ways Tech Will Modify The Health & Fitness Industry in 2023, 2024

Technology has radically transformed our lives in ways that were unimaginable a few decades ago. The tech world has changed how we shop, communicate, dream, do business, learn, and even how we fall in love. With so much change already, it’s no surprise that technology is also transforming the health and fitness industry.

Heading to the local gym during its opening hours feels slightly outdated when you learn about the various options and the flexibility technology has brought to the fitness world. Indeed, the following are just six remarkable ways how the industry has revolutionized the health and fitness realm.

Personalized workouts are on another level

There’s nothing revolutionary about personal training. For the last few years, gym rats have paid someone to personalize their workout. What technology has done is take personal training to another level. Nowadays, if the personal trainers in your local community are lacking, you can always go online.

Technology has allowed workout enthusiasts to work with the best trainers in the world without having to leave their houses. Trainers such as Kayla Itsines from the BBG workout have made a name for themselves across the globe and found millions of followers who see their exercises suited to their lifestyle and body goals. The online world allows fitness fanatics the chance to find the right fitness guru for their fitness goals at reasonable prices without having to move.

IOT in the fitness industry

Companies like Stormotion.io are leading the way for IOT in the fitness industry. Internet of Things devices have a truly broad application in this industry. They help to customize the user experience, enable immersive home training, and even offer easier equipment maintenance to those who have offline fitness studios.

The most affordable fitness trackers on the market are able to measure the heartbeat, burned calories, walk/run distance, and count steps. With only that information, you can significantly adjust workouts.

The world is your shopping ground

Even if you live in a bustling city, you will always find some limitations when shopping for certain products, but technology has changed this and turned our world into our shopping ground. These days, you can buy the best treadmill in the world at the touch of a button and have it on your doorstep the next or buy Dianabol Canada products safely. Efficiency, price comparison, and the comfort of shopping from home have made online shopping an alluring sport.

Analytics have never been this fun

An inch tape and the scale were your best bet to keep track of progress a while ago, but now, technology has made body analytics fun and quite an addicting tracking method. Wearable gadgets such as the iWatch are excellent in tracking whatever your heart desires. You can accurately track how many calories you burned, steps taken, heart rate, and everything in between. Wearable gadgets also drive workout fanatics to excel as they can set goals such as how many calories they want to burn daily or the number of steps they want to reach per week.

Fitness apps have made life easier

For most workout enthusiasts, personal trainers are a luxury they cannot afford. Even with trainers transitioning to online platforms, most people can’t afford the price of having someone custom plan their workout. Fitness apps have changed the game and made activities accessible to the mass. Most fitness apps are free, and even when they’re not, a fitness app’s yearly price is often far less expensive than a personal trainer’s fee.

Fitness apps have made working out more accessible because we don’t need to head to the gym or even out of the house to exercise. You can work out at home, any time of day in any time zone with as little or as much equipment as you want. Fitness apps also give us the chance to choose the workouts we love and avoid what we hate. There are apps for every type of exercise, from HIIT to yoga, pilates, cycling, and so much more.

Worldwide support

Staying on top of your fitness journey is a challenge, especially when the scale won’t budge or there are too many food temptations in your house. Much like other addictions, emotional eaters need a community’s support to avoid late-night binge eating and the guilt that comes afterward. Thanks to health apps and social media, people can stay on top of their fitness goals even if a support group does not physically surround them.

There are weight loss apps that help you track calories, keep a food journal, and monitor your fat and sugar content. Such apps often come with online support groups, nutritionists with whom you can chat via text messages, and you can pay a fee to receive a custom health plan if that’s what you want to.

Social media for the motivation

Social media has its dark side, but it can also be a positive space to find motivation, get into the latest fitness trends, and learn about the newest superfood. The best thing about this technological sphere is that it’s free. You can find millions of videos online—from Instagram to TikTok and YouTube, where social media influencers share their workouts for free. Such content has led to the least privileged enjoying exercise without spending a dime or getting out of the house.

The health and fitness industry is changing thanks to technology, and we’re all here for it. Technology has made this industry a more accessible world. It has incited even those who had never worked out before to push themselves in the comfort of their own home, away from the judgment of strangers. Even with all these advancements, we’re sure that more is yet to come for the health and fitness industry and we can’t wait to see how technology will continue to transform this world.


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