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6 Ways to Fix Your Webcam When it’s Not Working

Are you attending any meetings? or doing business work online And your webcam is not working properly; it might be a Webcam is not properly connected. Your computer is infected with some improper driver configurations and your Camera has some issues while loading.

So here is the guide that will help you to solve Your Webcam is not working Issue on Windows. Because this article contains the most powerful ways to fix this issue. You can fix your problems by using some of our hacks that will guide you through step by step to fix why your Webcam is not working.

There are 6 ways you can follow to Fix your Webcam is not working issue

Troubleshoot your Hardware device

One of the most primary methods is to Troubleshoot your hardware device with the Windows Troubleshooter Utility. This Troubleshooter Will provide a quick scan of your connected or built-in devices and Provide the error-reporting and Quick Solution facility.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to Control Panel On your Computer
  • From the Upper Right-corner Select the Large icon from View Option
  • Now Click on the Troubleshooter
  • Select the Hardware and Devices and tap on Next
  • Now in the next Window it will Automatically Scan your computer and After that, your issue will be Automatically fixed or it will show you the Exact Issues that you can manually fix.

Check Camera Connection

If you are using the External Camera or Webcam for your Computer. Then you need to Check your camera cable connection first. Because sometimes improper Hardware connection will cause you this kind of Issue like your Webcam is not working efficiently on your computer. If you are using the BlueTooth camera then you need to check your BlueTooth connectivity.

Check the Camera Lenses

One of the most common mistakes everyone’s making they are blocking the Camera lenses due to some security reasons. But if you want to access the webcam properly for Online Meetings and Video Calls then you need to remove the obstacles which are blocking your Webcam from Starting smoothly on your computer.

Also, you can fix this by going to your privacy settings but you must need to check your device in person.

Update Camera Drivers

If the above Solutions are not worked properly then you need to update your drivers using the built-in driver functionality provided by windows. It is known as the Device manager that contains all the system’s drivers and you can update any drivers from that. Alternatively, you can use the driver updater for windows PC to update all types of drivers in one click

Steps to follow:

  • Press the Windows button and search for the Run Utility
  • Now in the Run Window Type msc
  • Open Device Manager and Find the Integrated Webcam Drivers
  • Right-Click on that Drivers and Click on Update Drivers
  • The device manager will update your drivers Automatically from Google
  • Also, it will give you a manually driver update solution

Reinstall the Camera App

You have to reinstall the camera app by using the device Manager again. Because device Manager provides the utility of updating the drivers as well as the Uninstalling driver solution on demand. Also if you are using the external webcam on your computer then you can uninstall the Camera app by using the Control Panel.

Steps to follow:

  • Go to Device Manager Using the Above Solution and Select your Imaging Device List
  • It will contain the Camera Devices you need to Just Right-click on that to Uninstall that Particular device
  • Reboot Your computer
  • It will Automatically install the Latest Device Configuration After a Successful Restart.

Install as a Compatibility Mode

If the above solution is not working for you then you can try this Straightforward method. It will give you the best results. You just need to Install your camera drivers as a compatibility Mode After Downloading that driver setup file from their Manufacturer’s website. Also this compatibility option you will get on prompt while you Running the Setup file just click on that to Run your Software Properly on your device.

Steps to follow:

  • First Download the Driver Setup file from google
  • Save that Setup on your Local Drive or Disk
  • Right Click on that Setup and Go to Properties
  • Select Run Program as a Compatibility Mode
  • Select the OS and Run the Program
  • After that Restart your computer to see the changes. Your Webcam is not Working issue will be fixed.


Here we can conclude that there are various ways available to fix your Webcam that is not working on Windows using this guide. It will give you a Stepwise solution to resolve your issues and stay updated with further technical blogs based on Fixing the issues on windows. But you need to understand the Security precautions whenever you are downloading the driver setups from external websites. Sometimes improper driver setup will cause you major loss on your computer so stay Secure with it.

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