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7 Best Quadcopter Techniques

Have you ever wondered how to shoot the same beautiful videos from the drone as on popular YouTube channels? 7 shooting methods below are suitable for almost any project. Having mastered these simple movements, your videos are guaranteed to acquire a more professional look. Most of them can be easily done even the first time. But if you need to consistently perform each element – you need practice and practice again.

Firstly, here are some tips when it comes to choosing a copter.

If you haven’t piloted a copter yet, we would recommend purchasing the most budget one, costing about $ 200. Great for Ryze-Tello. He is not afraid of strikes, and the control is absolutely the same as on an ordinary drone.

Thus, the price of a possible error becomes many times less. In the beginning, the basis, safety system and quadcopter control are always studied. As a result, you can “transfer” to a more expensive drone with confidence and absolutely without fear.

However, if you already have an “advanced” drone, for example, DJI Mavic, DJI Mavic 2, or DJI Phantom 4 Clones (these copters have GPS and 3-axis camera stabilization), then training can immediately begin with the following techniques:

Span Casual

This frame creates an emphasis on the contrast of the main subject and the background. Can be used as a transition.

How to use:

Flying past an object (top or side), demonstrate a background or background.

It can be used to show the upcoming path or difficulties ahead (for example, use a high mountain with a trail going to infinity as a background).

A few additional ideas:

Ask the main character to take a walk to the sea, and when he stops, fly past him to focus on the upcoming journey that he should take on the boat (or just create an inspirational plan with a beautiful and powerful ocean)

The reception is also suitable for music videos. Place the group in a location with a high mountain as a background. When flying in their direction, it will seem that the group is approaching very quickly, while the background is still far away. This creates a beautiful and contrasting look.

Flying past something high, such as a lighthouse, grab the landscape beyond it and show the coast with beautiful beaches and cliffs.

Span With The Rise Of The Camera

The simplest technique you can imagine, but the result is often higher than expected. The success of the frame depends mainly on the final (top point) that you are going to reveal, so think it over in advance.

How to use:

Set the camera to the down position, then, moving forward or backward, slowly move the camera up, gradually revealing the scene.

A few additional ideas:

Move close to the surface of the lake with the camera below. Then gently lift it to reveal beautiful lawns with flowers that surround the pond. You can fly right above them.

You can do the opposite: fly in the direction of the background with the camera forward, and then tilt it, focusing on people on the beach, ideally on a group of children.


You can practice this method manually, but it is easier to use the smart modes installed on most modern quadrocopters.

How to use:

Move along or around the object, keep the camera always pointing at it. This creates the effect of flying around, similar to the rotation of the earth around the sun.

How to do it automatically: most drones, worth more than $ 500, have programmed intelligent modes. By activating the flyby, you can only at the touch of a button. Then choose a radius – the distance at which the drone will fly around the object depends on this value.

If you have a DJI copter, say Mavic, Spark, or Phantom, try smart mode called Point of Interest.

Remember that you should not make a 360-degree revolution around the object. It will be boring for the audience. It is enough to make an incomplete circle, holding the object in the center of the frame.

A few additional ideas:

Try flying around the yacht, with the sea as a backdrop. It is worth a try at night, you will be satisfied with the results – we promise! However, keep in mind security and do not forget to get permission to shoot.

Fly around a friend who is walking or just standing still to create an effect “inside the mind”. The effect will bring the viewer closer to the topic and immerse the video in the plot.

Through The Eyes Of Birds

This is one of those tricks that is perfect for taking pictures but can work with video since such a perspective is rarely used.

How to use:

Position your unmanned aerial vehicle at a certain height and point the camera down while driving in any direction.

You can also just stay in one place. Let the action from below unfold by itself.

A few additional ideas:

A beach shot with lots of umbrellas around. Show a beautiful natural pattern on the surface of the ocean, creating a pleasant movement.

Frame a person or group of people lying on their backs in a picturesque place. Be sure to capture how the wind sways the flowers slightly.

Break the frame into two parts: show the land on one and the surface of the water on the other, thereby creating a contrast that is pleasant to the eye between static and moving.

Span Casual with Camera Upgrade

Again, a fairly simple technique, but when used correctly, creates a powerful effect. Based on a combination of the first and second methods.

In the above example, the foreground is a hill, and the background is windmills, sky and sun. The “disclosure” of the frame occurs when the copter flies through the foreground and shows the background in all its glory. A glint of the sun acts as an additional effect, decorating the frame after the current as a drone rises above the hill.

How to use:

The “trick” is to start shooting low (so that only the foreground gets into the frame), and then increase the height until the background opens.

A few additional ideas:

Fly low towards the trees so that they occupy the entire frame. Then start climbing upward until you open the back scene. In this case, there will be a strong sense of movement.

Slowly move in parallel with the buildings to demonstrate the location where the shooting takes place.

Capture the rays of sunset between trees or buildings, while you are moving approximately along the line of the sun.

Following The Object

One of our favorite angles.

As you know, new UAVs have the “Follow” function, which allows you to follow people or other objects, depending on what you choose.

How to use:

This can be done in manual mode by moving the drone parallel to the object, constantly directing the camera at it.

The main idea is that the subject is always in the frame. Practice holding the object in the same place for as long as possible, as long as you can. The farther you are, the harder it will be to do.

A few additional ideas:

Follow the moving car, so you can make a kind of “presentation” of the car or the character of the person (for example, through an aggressive driving style). Fly right above the car, or slightly behind. Hold the car in the middle of the frame (or at one of the intersection points of the third). To emphasize speed, drive slower than the car and let it overtake you and then go beyond the frame.

Grab a cyclist or a runner from the side, so you can give emphasis to a person’s hobbies.

Try to follow the side of the boat, catching the reflection of the sun in the water.

Spiral (For Advanced)

How to use?

Moving down or up try to make a few circles around the subject, so the flight path will resemble a spiral.

Also, this movement can be found in automatic modes in DJI drones, but it is advisable to be able to do it manually – so the piloting skill and control of the drone will be constantly improved.

A few additional ideas:

First, show the thicket of the forest in the frame. Then climb around its axis in a spiral, showing the forest landscape behind.

A spiral around a tall building. It is most beautiful to capture architecture in its entirety in this way.

We thank you for your attention! That’s all. We hope you learned something and were inspired to get into a picturesque place to consolidate new tricks. Do not forget to record your attempts on video so that later it will be easier to work on the bugs.

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