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7 Best Sports Games That You Can Play on Your Cell Phone

Sports continues to a global favorite. People either actively participate in sports by playing on the field, watching it on TV, or playing games online. Not surprisingly, it rakes in billions of dollars each year.

In the gaming industry it is gaining popularity. It is growing faster than any other entertainment services. Just last year, the gaming industry witnessed a 10.7% growth. This growth can be attributed to the diversification of the gaming culture. And as games are transitioning to the mobile platform, the demand for a variety of games has never been greater.

One of the recent trends is the rise in e-sports. Growing beyond a “participant” activity, e-sports has changed sports as we know it. Not surprisingly, it has even entered high school and colleges, where fans are now enjoying another side of spectatorship. In fact, the popularity of e-sports has risen to the extent that it could even become a part of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

For all those sports fans out there, several games are topping the charts.

If you’re interested in playing on your cell phones, in no particular order, here are some that you should definitely look into:

NBA 2K19

For those who want to dunk on the go, this is the game to download. It’s what basketball fans have been waiting for. This video game is the latest entry from the NBA 2K franchise, offering gameplay on any mobile device and is available on multiple entertainment platforms.

Like its previous counterparts, it offers amazingly realistic graphics that simulate NBA basketball as seen on TV. Packed with new features and soundtracks, you’re bound to get hooked from the get-go. You can play with real-life teams or customized players. But be ready to get wowed with more responsive controls that aim to create immersive gameplay. However, you will still need to deal with ads and in-app purchases.

RBI Baseball 18

Let’s not leave those baseball fans behind. For all those can’t eat or sleep without this sport, MLB Advanced Media has you covered. Now you can enjoy this classic sport on any cell phone.

For those who have played previous releases, former bugs and issues have been rectified for much better gameplay. Upgrades in this version include features such as the all-new Franchise Mode which permits you to take control of your favorite MLB team with rosters listing authentic players. Most importantly, superior graphics and dynamic camera angles promote an enhanced experience. The incredible UI will have you swinging your bat in no time.

Madden NFL Football

Electronic Arts have released yet another football video game that won’t let you put down your phone for an instant! There are new updates, hints, offers, strategies, and whatnot that will keep you constantly tied to the game, even during the offseason.

Become a general manager and create your own team. Immerse yourself in the game with Madden NFL’s stunning graphics. With enough practice, you’ll improve your tactics and defeat your opponents in no time at all. Through the Madden NFL 19 Companion app, you can access your Ultimate Team and Franchise from anywhere. This also provides you with the opportunity to manage your league schedule.

FIFA Mobile

And who can forget soccer? Fans can’t get enough of this popular sport. Not surprisingly, it’s out on mobile devices for all to play. Another game developed by Electronic Arts, it’s been designed to impress. Like many of the games listed above, it offers a realistic approach to the sport. You can play tournaments with the same players you’ve seen on TV in the same stadiums that they play their matches.

And the best thing about FIFA Mobile, the developers are providing a free-to-play game that is continuously updated every season, just like they offer for Madden NFL Football. Ready to try this challenging game?

GRID Autosport

Need the thrill of speed? Feral Interactive has produced just that so that you get your daily dose of adrenaline rush. Presently available on iOS, it’s there for the taking. And it’s here will a finesse you won’t be able to overlook. For starters, the console-like graphics will make you forget that you are playing on your mobile.

Players have the chance to start an ‘online’ racing career. You can choose single-player options via Career mode or multiplayer games and enter competitions through the internet. What’s more, is that you have access to the ad-free premium for $9.99. The rest can be downloaded for free after that.

WGT Golf Game

Get to the real golf game as you possibly can. This is free to play on both iOS and Android. But you can purchase credits to upgrade equipment or complete various challenges. Topgolf Media has out-performed with its realistic simulations. You can easily equip your bag with all the necessary virtual golf equipment.

Developed with the latest 3D and GPS technology, this golf game lets you play on more than 15 championship golf courses, including Pebble Beach, Bandon Dunes, and Valhalla Golf Club. If you don’t have time to play the full 18-hole stroke play, opt for the 9-hole closest-to-the-hole golf game. Or compete with friends and family with the multiplayer option. Can it get better than that?

Closing note

There is an endless list of sports that gamers can play, from bowling to table tennis to wrestling. It all depends on what you enjoy the most. The most significant feature that online gaming is now offering is the ability to play whatever you want at any time from wherever you can. Whether you need a quick break at the office or kill time while you wait to pick up your kids from school, all you need is your cell phone. Can’t get any simpler than this.

Author Bio: Audrey Throne is the mother of a 3-year old and a professional blogger by choice. Throne is passionate about lifestyle, business, automotive, technology and management and blogs frequently on these topics. Find her on Twitter: @audrey_throne.

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