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7 Reliable Transactional Email Service Providers

Almost every marketing team of a company or an organization has to have a strong email marketing game. Email marketing is an essential part of any marketing arsenal. Transactional emails are popularly known for generating high open rates, along with other marketing tactics.

In today’s market, there are numerous transactional email service providers known for their efficient handling and delivery of emails promptly. These service providers are famous for incorporating automation into their offerings by including services, such as freedom to customize emails, various response tools for emails, curbing from sending fake emails and administration tools used for tracking, among others. One can also visit this page to gain access to services that ensure safe and free email transactions.

Transactional email services make use of SMTP, i.e., Simple Mail Transfer Protocol, which is in charge of the timely delivery of transactional emails. As talked about earlier, you can customize emails by taking in parameters, such as the behavior as well as the actions of your users.

As a company that may be involved in sending thousands of emails like the company’s newsletter each day, and thus, this calls for the need for a sturdy transactional email service that can handle such a load easily. These services make sure that all your emails get delivered regardless of the number.

Let us have a look at seven successful transactional email service providers.

Amazon SES (Simple Email Service)

Amazon SES is one of the most reliable transactional email services. It was first developed to the company’s requirement to communicate with their users. This platform is now used by other popularly known companies, for instance, Siemens, HBO, and InVision, among others.

It is a scalable and flexible product, which allows the use of either the SMTP interface or the AWS SDK to integrate it into the application. Amazon SES is a pay-as-you-go service.


SendInBlue is steadily gaining popularity among users owing to its cheap plans. The company is relatively new and headquartered in Paris. This tool is known for its offerings of email automation and list management. Besides, the workflow editor is user-friendly as well. The devices also let its users send SMS and use CRM tools. This service also makes use of real-time analytics.

This tool is commonly used by companies that are based in Europe because SendInBlue’s servers are based in France. The company offers a free plan which caps the daily limit at 300 emails.


SendGrid is another popular transactional email service provider that allows its users to share promotional campaigns and newsletters. It is entirely cloud-based and uses an email builder tool, which helps the user design email campaigns. Additionally, this service provider also lets the users segment their customers and, thus, send targeted emails.

SendGrid is available through 4 versions:

  • Free
  • Essential
  • Pro
  • Premier


Another cloud-based software which is a strong competitor of SendGrid and other service providers is Mailjet. The company’s primary objective is email marketing automation. This software is suitable for all business sizes.

It allows the creation and design of email marketing campaigns as well as newsletters. It also lets the user track the performance of their attacks on a dedicated dashboard.

Like the other software, this software also lets the user set up an SMTP server for the marketing of emails. This is because, by using an SMTP, the delivery speed of emails is heightened, and thus, campaigns that are time-sensitive benefit significantly from this software.

Mailjet employs a tiered pricing model, which depends on the volume of emails every month. There are four versions available :

  • Free
  • Basic
  • Premium
  • Enterprise


Moosend is primarily famous for its free plan, which also gives access to its pro features, unlike other transactional email service providers. Along with this significant advantage over other companies, it also lets the user segment their customers and provides responsive templates as well. This tool also offers real-time analytics like SendInBlue. It can be easily integrated with various services and applications.

The free version lets its user send unlimited emails. However, it is limited to 1,000 subscribers. The feature of landing pages is included in the paid version. Like Amazon SES, this tool is customizable in a pay-as-you-go fashion.

Mandrill by MailChimp

MailChimp has come with Mandrill, which is an SMTP transaction email service provider. It aims to help users send across transactional emails without any delivery hassles. Users use it to share targeted, eCommerce, data-driven, and personalized emails to their customers. It also offers an advanced tracking system that helps analyze the bounce rate, open rate, and click rate on the emails.

Per month, Mandrill costs about USD 20 for 25000 emails. The number of emails is customizable, and the price can be changed accordingly.


Both an email API as well as an SMTP transactional email service provider, Pepipost, has been gaining significant popularity among its users. The service is used to send confidential emails without having to worry about the number. Like Mandrill, it also helps its users keep track of the bounce rate, open rate, and click a price on the emails.

It offers the first 30,000 emails for the initial 30 days for free. The plan starts with basic pricing of USD 17.5 per month.


In conclusion, there are numerous transactional email service providers in the market. Before opting for one such service, a user should analyze their requirements and their budgets. Next, the reviews of all the potential options should be taken into consideration to find one which is best suited to the needs.

Many solutions include and offer sophisticated automation, which may not be of use to some customers. They may also be challenging to understand. Therefore, a user should take some time to select a service that is the best fit for them.

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