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7 Smart Ways to Use Social Platforms to Attract Job Candidates

According to research, over 90% of employers rely on different social media platforms to attract and hire new employees. Many people use social platforms daily to look for jobs. For this reason, consider this strategy when looking for top talent.

You can use avenues that bring together recruiters and job seekers to have higher chances of getting the candidates you need.

Such platforms will enable you to go through the prospective candidate’s social media profile to know the kind of job they need and their personality. Here are seven ways you can use social media platforms to attract job candidates:

Your Business Should Have a Good Online Reputation

Find strategies to build an excellent online reputation. Create a brand that attracts people’s appeal. Job seekers should desire to work for your organization by looking at its online profile. You can only achieve that through having a good marketing and branding strategy. Ensure that your brand has a voice in the field of your recruitment.

Your marketing strategy should target your customers and consider prospective job seekers. These days, people make purchases depending on their emotions. That means that attitude is something you should consider when looking for job candidates through online platforms. You should also share information and content that markets your company to attract applicants.

Create and Share Good Video Content

After creating a reputable presence on social media, the next thing should be increasing engagement with your audience on different platforms. One of the best ways to achieve that is using video. Most people on social media prefer video content over other types of media.

Videos are shareable and hence can generate more traffic as you look to attract job seekers. You can share your videos on social media and request other users to do the same on their platforms. It’ll make more people watch your video and increase your chances of getting more applicants.

Use Different Platforms and Strategies

You can have different recruitment strategies to use on various social platforms. That is because whatever may work for LinkedIn may not be the best for other platforms. Different social platforms have different audiences, and you should know the right strategy to use to increase engagement. You should know the right tactics to use while promoting your job vacancies and hiring procedures for the best results.

The Content You Share Should Be Of High Quality

The content you share should be authorized and of high quality. Good quality content attracts users and keeps them engaged. Your social media recruiting strategy will succeed if you upload content that users enjoy discussing with others.


The content you share on social platforms should entertain and add value to your viewers. You may also find formats that enable you to improve your user engagement. A quick online search can help them find professionals in business headshots in Orange County or their local area. Using a professional can ensure you maintain high-quality and professional content on your company’s social media platforms.

Use Advertising

Advertising on social platforms can significantly attract job seekers because it can target the right audience. Use the right tools to make your social media recruiting successful and add power to your hiring campaign. You can also add calculable KPIs while creating ads.

Create a Community of Like-Minded Individuals

Avoid spamming your audience with substandard content thinking they will engage in it. You will need to initiate a conversation that makes your employer’s brand attractive to the audience to build a community of like-minded individuals. Almost 50% of employers left their previous employers because they didn’t like their company culture. Therefore, ensure your social platforms show a company culture that attracts more job seekers.

Send Direct Messages to Prospective Candidates

Direct messaging can be one of the best strategies to approach the individuals who will be part of your job candidates. When approaching them, let them know as much about your company as possible, including the opportunities available and the benefits they’ll get from working for your organization. You need to be proactive when using social media to get the results you want, and direct messaging is one of the best you should consider. Instead of waiting for your audience to look for you, reach out to them.


You must understand that using social media to recruit candidates is a continuous process. Handle it as you would marketing and make new strides each day. Then, you’ll enjoy its benefits sooner than you may have imagined.

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