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7 Ways to Make Money from Wholesale Products

Whether you’re a small business owner, an entrepreneur, or any other type of professional who wants to make some extra income, there are many ways to make money from wholesale products.

In this article, you’ll learn about seven of the most popular methods for earning cash from your inventory of wholesale goods.

Sell Direct to Consumers

  • You can sell direct to consumers. This is probably the easiest way to make money from wholesale products, requiring little effort or investment. To do this, you need a website with enough traffic that people are willing to buy your product directly from you.
  • You need a good brand identity that connects with customers and makes them feel confident buying from you instead of some random online or in-person store at their local mall.
  • You need a product that people want to buy ideally, one that no one else sells yet.

Sell to Local Shops

  • Find local shops that sell similar items.
  • Find out their needs and wants.
  • Make sure you can provide what they want.
  • Get in touch with them and work out a deal.

Sell on Amazon

Amazon is the world’s leading online shopping platform, and it is also one of the largest eCommerce websites in the world. The platform offers a vast selection of products, and sellers can choose from a wide range of categories to target their customers.

As an Amazon seller, you can start creating your store on the website by signing up for an Amazon seller account. You will have to provide basic information such as your name, email address, phone number, and so on before submitting your application for registration. Once Amazon approves, you will receive an activation code from them, which you can enter into your account dashboard to complete the activation process.

Sell On eBay

The next option is to list your products on eBay. You can set up an account, list the items for sale, and then offer customer service to buyers who buy from you. To make money from this method, some initial investment must be made to build your business into something profitable. However, if done correctly, eBay can be very profitable if you have a good product line and strong marketing skills. Items such as home furnishings from agate slices wholesale may do better since many people need these types of things anyway, so they might as well get them without having to go out shopping all over town trying different stores.

Sell to Wholesalers

Wholesalers are an excellent way to get started in wholesale. They are often willing to train you, and they will give you an account with little or no money down. However, wholesalers must trust that the products you sell will sell quickly because they buy in bulk. You can make money selling retail items, but it is much more complicated than selling wholesale or direct-to-retailer (DTR).

Partner with a Dropshipper

Partnerships with a drop shipper can be a great way to expand your wholesale business. Dropshippers are companies that provide their customers with the tools and support they need to make money through dropshipping but do not sell products themselves. They’re usually larger businesses with access to large quantities of products you won’t have access to on your own. They’re often willing to drop ship these items at a discount in exchange for using your customer base as another channel for their sales.

Manufacture Your Goods to Sell

As a retailer, you will want to manufacture the goods yourself, so you don’t have to worry about the quality of any product your customers receive. You will also want to sell those products to manage all aspects of your business directly.

You’ll need to ship these goods on your own as well. This is especially important when dealing with wholesale suppliers because they may not have enough in stock for everyone who wants it at once.


The key takeaway is that wholesale items offer many ways to make money. You can sell them directly to consumers, sell them to local shops, sell on Amazon, eBay, or other platforms and even manufacture the goods yourself. Wholesale items are an excellent way to start your own business and grow it into something bigger.

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