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7 Ways to Prevent Technology from Interrupting Your Sleep

There’s a good chance that you’re guilty of indulging in a few late-night electronic activities from time to time. We’ve all done this before, sat scrolling through our social media feeds on our smartphones or laptops when we were supposed to be settling down for sleep. However, the more you expose yourself to technology, the more you sleep quality could suffer.

Now that technology is playing a bigger role in our everyday lives, it’s important to make sure that we don’t let it ruin our sleeping habits too.

If you’re concerned that you could be letting it get the best of you, here are a few of the things that you could do.

Use Night Mode

There’s a reason that your phone has a night mode. This dark screen option reduces the amount of blue light that you’re exposed to in the evening, so you’re less likely to be kept awake by your phone. Many leading phone brands have this mode available now, and you can also adjust the brightness of your phone manually if you need to.

Grab Some Orange Glasses

If you don’t have a night mode on your device for any reason, then consider investing in a pair of orange glasses. You can use them to counteract the effect of the blue light when you’re browsing.

These products are relatively cheap and easy to find. You can grab a pair on Amazon, or even just buy a pair of standard sunglasses with orange lenses.

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Gamma Ray computer glasses

Ban Devices from the Bedroom

Despite what you may believe, you don’t actually have to have your phone in your bedroom. You can use a standard clock as an alarm, and your emails can definitely wait until the morning. The easiest way to stop devices from overtaking your sleep is to get rid of them once and for all.

Move all of your computer systems, tablets, and smartphones out of your bedroom at night. Get rid of your television too – you can watch it downstairs until you’re ready to go to bed.

Switch off Notifications

If you can’t resist bringing your smartphone to bed with you, then you can at least reduce its chances of distracting you by turning off notifications. Do yourself a favor and put the phone completely on silent or turn it off if you need to, you can switch it back on again in the morning.

If you’re not getting notifications through the night, then you’ll be less tempted to roll over the mattress and pick your phone up when you should be snoozing.

Keep Stimulating Activities to a Minimum

Speaking of which, if you do bring any devices into your bedroom, then make sure that you’re not using them for anything too stimulating. For instance, playing games on your phone or chatting to people on instant chat are going to keep you awake.

However, you could always read a book on your phone or check out news articles instead if you’re looking for a less active way to wind down. The more interactive the activity is, the more awake your brain needs to stay so you can take part in that activity.

Stop Using Tech an Hour Before Bed

If you’re struggling to ween yourself off your devices, then it might be a good idea to start banishing tech from your sleep routine entirely. For an hour before bed, focus on doing things that don’t require any technology at all like tucking yourself in a cooling comforter. This could mean engaging in a quick yoga session or checking out some meditation strategies.

Some people find that it’s helpful to take a hot bath or drink a cup of tea before bed when winding down. The less you expose yourself to tech, the less you’ll rely on it.

Cover Digital Displays

If you’ve got any digital clocks or other displays in your room that you can’t get rid of, make sure that they are covered before you go to bed. This way, the light isn’t distracting you or making it harder than necessary to fall asleep. You could find that even the smallest flashing light can keep you awake, particularly if you already have trouble with sleep.

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