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8 Ideas to Get More Downloads for Your App

What is the purpose of creating an app? The primary reason that led you to its creation was to have another channel for interacting with your customers, correct? Since most of them have mobile phones, an app can connect them to you in just a few clicks was what was on your mind when you decided to launch your app, right?

You have done everything to make that app customizable to their needs; However, even with all the time, money, and hard work that went into the creation of the app, you may be throwing it all away by failing to consider an important aspect: promotion. It is like having opened a restaurant that serves delicious food and simply waiting for the customers to come. The food may be delicious, but that won’t be enough to cut it.

Many business owners and app developers make this mistake. By focusing all resources on app making and spending none on getting the word out, your app won’t get the attention it deserves. The two processes must happen simultaneously. If you can successfully promote your app, you will begin to see more customers downloading it.

Let us assume that you run a small business without a huge budget for marketing events. Does that mean you are out of ways to market your app? Not at all!

Here are some ways you can get more downloads for your app without spending a lot:

App Store Optimization (ASO)

The process known as App Store Optimization (ASO) has multiple benefits. You can use them to improve your app’s visibility. Depending on the app store – or stores – you have launched it in, your app will need to adopt different practices to be more visible. With increased discoverability, a larger number of app users can find your app and download it. Check for any signs of Airg scam and tighten security too.

Where should you start? Well, how about looking at some of the ASO tutorials available to you online? When managing ASO, try to find the right keywords and include them in your app description. Two sources that can provide keywords inspiration include Apple Search Ads and  Google Keyword Planner.

Video Intro

Visual stimulation always catches more eyes than most methods of promotion. Hence, consider making a video intro for your app. Now keep two things in mind. One, the video you make should be a winner and get you more traction. Two, don’t spend too much on making the video itself. It is your app’s concept that needs to get through.

From web to app

Now that your app is more discoverable, how about converting some of your web users into app users? As a business, it is highly likely that you have a website; Use it to increase app downloads. For instance, have a smart, targeted interstitial banner displayed on your website. The banner should direct your website visitors to where they can download your app. It would be much cheaper than paying for app install ads to be displayed elsewhere. While Apple’s banner isn’t highly customizable, Branch’s is!

For this method to work perfectly, just keep the following things in mind:

  • Google doesn’t take too kindly towards interstitials, which is why many web visitors headed from there should see a banner and not an interstitial.
  • A landing page that sends them a text to download your app later when they are on their mobile is perfect for desktop visitors.


Mind you; you can’t expect just any blog to work in this instance. Your blog shouldn’t be another drop in the metaphorical content-marketing bucket. Instead, it should focus on a trending topic and capture the attention of the reader. The best way of making that happen is to have outstanding content and include actionable pointers in the blog. You can increase your product’s credibility by including insights and directing people to your landing page with a link in the bio. Follow Buffer’s example when they added 100,000 users by using this very technique! Write tech blogs for other websites and become known. The more your users know you, the better the chances for them to know your app.


If you did your homework during the phase of building your app, you already have a list of contacts who would be interested in your app. Email them now with the perfect pitch and let them know about your app. Be sure to keep the pitch relevant to the editors or you may lose their interest.

Search ads

Apple’s App Store offers this option. You can gain 50% more consumers by getting them to click on your ad. Just keep in mind that this is a paid advertisement, so you need to make it good. It will involve bidding for relevant keywords, so your future app users can spot your app in the list when they enter those keywords in the search box.

App reviews

The big tech blogs are good for marketing your app. Even so, there are other ways to increase exposure. Keep your app relevant to its future users by requesting app reviews on the best review sites. Use this list as your guide to the sites that can effectively help you get the word out. But don’t stop there; keep looking for others.

App virality

Viral mechanisms are important in getting downloads for your app. Having your app featured in Apple’s Best New Apps list won’t be as good for its marketability if you didn’t include an option to for your users to share it. For instance, if your app allows users to create photo albums, they should be able to send it to their friends. Failing to do so could mean you miss out on traffic headed your way through free referral. Case in point, the photobook printing app, Kindred.

So, how can you increase virality of your app? By creating viral content, so it gets shared. You can also reward your users when they make referrals. Let them drive your app installs! For instance, The League created a waiting list (with certain incentives) for their app. A user landed on the end of that list by downloading The League’s app. The more friends they got to download the app, the higher a user moved up the list. You may also create a double viral loop. User engagement can lead to their friends being recommended to use the app in turn. Thus, your users will be inviting other users and so on.

In conclusion, the strategies mentioned here will increase your app’s credibility. It will also make more potential app users end up on your download page. Better get started!

ABOUT Alycia Gordan: Alycia Gordan is a freelance writer who loves to read and write articles on healthcare technology, fitness and lifestyle. She is a tech junkie and divides her time between travel and writing. You can find her on Twitter: @meetalycia

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