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8 Outstanding Ways to Attract Students Using Instagram Marketing

If you are looking for the best platform to attract students on social media, very few come close to Instagram. The distribution of age on the platform shows that more than 70% of the regular user-population is aged 35 or lower.  With the right technique, you should be able to achieve more results with your students-focused marketing messages.

With all the challenges that life in college brings, getting these students to take interest in your brand is never quite that straightforward. Here are eight excellent strategies that can help you get their attention.

Acquire More Followers

Social media conversion is a numbers game. If 2% of 500 followers are clicking through to your website from a post, for example, that’s just ten clicks. 2% of 5,000 people, on the other hand, will yield 100 clicks. Do the maths for 50,000 and above. This is why you need to spend more time on strategies that can help you get more followers.

Use the Instagram Story Function Regularly

The first thing you need to know about Instagram Stories is that they are discoverable. This means that users don’t have to be following you for your content to show up on their feed.

Consider the fact that 500 million people view Instagram stories daily, and you can see why it should be an important element of your Instagram content strategy. Create graphics, videos, and animations around your marketing messages targeted at students for regular Instagram Story updates.

Create Interesting Content

Quality content is the lifeblood of success on any social media platform, and Instagram is no different. Success stories, feedback, and fun activities are some content ideas to attract students. Once in a while, get involved with trending content where possible.

One viral post could be all you need to reach your marketing goals for a specific window.  Even when your posts don’t go viral, quality content will keep existing users engaged and give new followers a reason to follow your brand.

Connect With Alumni

The concept of social proof is more important than ever in today’s social media landscape. People want to see what other people think about any brand before they get on board. If you are targeting students, the best way to show social proof is to connect with students you’ve had a relationship with in the past.

Create a post around as many of the connections as possible. Your audience and the immediate circle of your new connection will see these posts, expanding the reach of your profile.

If any of the members of your alumni is an Instagram influencer, discuss a special post with them to generate maximum engagement.  They don’t have to be pop stars or sports personalities. If they have tens of thousands of followers, that’s an opportunity you should not miss!

Share Pictures of Events

Pictures rule social media in general. It is even more important on Instagram. Students will like to see pictures showing excursions, group activities, lectures, community service and more.

Don’t forget to share pictures that reflect the dominant trend of a day where possible. Is it World Food Day, HIV/AIDs Day or Women’s Day?  Share images that reflect your message on these special occasions.

Make sure all images are high-quality. Use the right photo capturing and editing tools to ensure the pictures look the best.  Don’t forget to repost such pictures shared by your current students, followers, etc. Of course, user-generated pictures (from students) may not be high quality, and that is fine. Such organic content can transform your engagement metrics.

Vibrant Video

On Instagram, posts with videos get nearly 40% more engagement than posts that are just text. Spend more time on creating high-quality videos for your profile. Some of the videos can be used on your Instagram Story, but it is always best to create unique content.

Keep in mind that most of your target audience expect the videos to be less than two minutes in length. Make your videos snappy, high quality and packed with engaging content.  There is no limit to the content of your videos when targeting students.

You could share videos from the activities we mentioned in the last point, or answer frequently asked questions.

Effective Hashtag Use

Hashtags are one of the core ways to communicate on Instagram. They give you the chance to highlight the focus of every post, but more importantly, they make it super easy for users outside your circle to find your posts.

Effectively use of hashtags can draw more attention to your profile and expand the reach of your posts. Combine 3-5 RELEVANT hashtags on your posts for the best results.

Use Social Listening Tools

Many social media management tools make it easy to see people discussing your institution, programs offered or other such relevant details. Find such posts and respond where necessary, then create content around the topics being discussed.

You don’t only have to react to questions. Acknowledging commendations is great for building social proof, and can help you attract new followers.

Instagram is a powerful platform where students congregate. By deploying the right techniques, you can bring your brand closer to them, and achieve your marketing goals.

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