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8 Tips for Better Android Security

Making sure your property your safe is often a matter of common sense – your smartphone isn’t all that different from a home or PC. Taking basic precautions should go a long way to save you money and time.

Here are eight tips that’ll boost your smartphone’s and its content’s security.

Protect Your Investment

It can be quite stressful to lose your smartphone. 200,000 devices get stolen, damaged or lost every day. You may be surprised by the enormous out-of-contract cost associated with replacing lost smartphones with one from the same manufacturer and model.


In order to protect you from this, you may want to consider Total Mobile Protection. You get a replacement device – sometimes even on the next day – if your gets damaged, stolen, lost, or has an electrical or mechanical defect after your manufacturer’s warranty has expired.

Another part of the Total Mobile Protection is the app Verizon Support & Protection. Powered by McAfee®, it helps protecting your device from malware, viruses and digital threats in general. It also contains other useful features such as lock, alarm and locate – as well as the ability to delete all data in your device if it gets lost.

Lock Your Phone With A Password, Pattern Or Pin

This is easy to set up. For an Android™ device, all you need to do is navigate to Location & Security Settings to get instructions. iOS users will be able to find this functionality in their settings’ General Options tab.

Back Up Important Data

This is an important step to be able to restore your data if any sort of disaster strikes. With Verizon Cloud and Backup assistant Plus, you’ll be able to save information such as pictures, documents, videos, music and contacts online.

Keep Applications And Your Operating System Updated

Typical periodic updates to your OS and apps will not only add new features, but also improve security to updated standards.

Best Regular Practices

Only Download Apps From Trusted Developers

If you’re looking for new games to play or productive apps, visit stores like Google Play™. This way, you can check out real reviews and ratings, and check the app’s privacy policy, as a way to know exactly what sort of features it will be able to access after it’s downloaded. Important to prevent your phone becoming central of the next hacking scandal. There are also enterprise apps that can provide trusted app directories for mobile users.

Log Out Of Sites After Making Payments

If you shop or bank through your smartphone, make sure to log out of such websites after transactions are complete. It’s important not to store usernames and passwords either, and avoiding making such transactions when you’re on public Wi-Fi.

Turn Off Bluetooth® And Wi-Fi When You Aren’t Using Them

The same way you use such methods to connect to someone or something, ill-intentioned individuals may utilize them to connect to your device and access your files.

Avoid Giving Out Your Personal Information

A text message that seems to be from your bank, for instance, might not be. Whenever you get a request, via text message or e-mail requesting account information from any type of business, contact it in order to confirm said request. Follow the same advice when requesting to tap links in unsolicited texts and e-mails.

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