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8 Website Design Tips to Improve Engagement on your Website

Think of your website as a newly invented gadget. You must ensure that the visitors find it easy to use, swift, and highly functional! Like a seamless, fast, and error-free gadget that satisfies the user, a website that is easy to navigate and retains the visitor!

Judging anything quickly is part of human nature. Researchers from Northumbria University, UK, found that 94% of first impressions of a website are related to its design.

The perfect recipe for a website that performs brilliantly involves compiling all its elements (design, SEO, load speed, UX, content, images, and responsiveness) using the best practices. If you fail to do so, getting traffic and engagements will be challenging for you to achieve.

Do you know that according to Blue Corona statistics, 73% of brands plan to invest in design to set apart their website from competitors?

Web designing is evolving with time. Techniques that were used two years back aren’t considered best practices anymore. Old ways may bring you traffic, but all your efforts will go in vain unless those visitors don’t engage.

When we talk about engagement on a website, we have several examples of brands that are doing an impressive job by using actionable strategies on their website. Visitors stay there longer, view more pages, take the desired actions, and even share the content with their friends and family. If you also wish to have the same results from your website’s traffic, read on to know some fantastic, surefire tips on how to do that.

Aesthetically Appealing Design

Grabbing users’ attention with a beautiful design is a trick that sparks their interest in your brand. According to the State of Content Report by Adobe, up to 68% of users prefer viewing a website with an overall appealing design, like an aesthetic layout and photography.

Several studies show how specific colors impact the viewer’s perception. Researcher John Hallock found that colors blue, white, and green play a part in trust-building. Whereas red, yellow, and orange can be associated with speed. Blue makes people safe, whereas brown may be linked to being inexpensive.

For a seamless experience, you can take the help of professionals like logo design valley for a clutter-free layout. This will give your visitors a pleasant feeling along with a clear focus. It will certainly pave the way for an increased amount of time users spend on your website.

The Sum’s website is one from which you can take some inspiration. The clean, beautiful homepage of their website feels captivating and plays a massive role in reducing bounce rate.


Make Your Website Easy to Navigate

One feature that will make your visitor stay and view more pages is when he knows where to find what he needs. Websites that are difficult to navigate serve no purpose as anyone would abandon them annoyingly.

A pyramid navigational structure is what most websites use these days. The pyramid structure is one where general subjects are mentioned and then narrowed down into specific topics. Sony’s homepage is an epic example of showing around your website to your customers in an easy way.


Compelling Copywriting

Creative use of words has a massive impact on the audience. A dull tone with cliche phrases will cause the customer to feel uninterested. Whereas exceptional copy retains customers and compels them to take action.

Do you know why expert copywriters are paid a handsome amount for their work? The content that they write for the website is the key to boost conversions.

Fascinating Content

Blue Corona reveals that up to 38% of users will stop engaging on a website if they find the content unappealing.

For remarkable success, content that appeals to your target audience plays a huge role. Not only it convinces them to stay and spend more time; it even causes them to come back again. Engaging content strategy may include your website’s blog, interactive polls, high-quality images, and visual storytelling via videos.

Your blog is the most practical tool to keep visitors engaged. With useful guidance, targeted keywords, and exciting topics, you can grip their attention. It boosts your SEO as well.

Visual content, including images and videos, is another way to make your website interactive. You can find ways to create stories with a series of images, GIFs, and videos. Or, you can do it simply as Makr does. Good quality product images on its homepage make Makr’s website design highly fascinating.  source

Discount Popups

What could be a better way to make the first move towards future interactions than offering amazing discounts to your new customers? Entry popups with discount offers prove to be quite a benefit for the brands. It gives visitors something to look forward to. They will be interested in what kind of products and services you offer at discounted rates.

Popups actually create a conversion path by offering freebies, discounts, and exclusive content upon signup.

Fast Loading Speed

Web Alive concludes that website loading speed is directly associated with its bounce rate. Slow loading time translates to a higher bounce rate. This means that visitors leave the site as soon as they get annoyed with a slow speed.

Another statistic reveals that 47% of website users expect a website to load in less than 2 seconds.  You must pay attention to your website’s speed if you want higher engagements. You can do so by compressing images, enabling cache solutions, and deleting old post revisions and themes. Use a CDN to deliver content swiftly to users across the world.

Relevant Internal Links

Showing relevant content via popups and recommendations is an excellent way to compel visitors to visit more pages on your website. News websites like BBC use this strategy by showing relevant articles, and related news pieces alongside the article readers are viewing. Also, e-commerce websites offer similar products that the buyer is interested in.

Internal linking increases the time visitors spend on websites and increases backlinks if they find the content interesting enough to share.

Sell through Testimony

According to Web Alive findings, reviews are considered trustworthy as personal recommendations by 85% of users.

Nothing can be compared to the power that testimonials and reviews possess as an engagement tool. Whenever people wish to buy a thing, they look for testimonials on the seller’s website. Credibility increases if they find good reviews. Just like Amazon reviews are a reliable source that people look for, you too can use the same feature on your website.

Parting Words

The benefits of an interactive website are boundless. An engaging website design is a connecting medium between you and your customers. As the connections are meaningful, conversion rates become better, and your business thrives. It also maximizes your Google ranking.

Applying the strategies mentioned above will give your visitors the impression that they are being welcomed, and a personalized experience awaits them. As a result, your brand presence solidifies, and it assists in trust-building. From the success of the brands that have been mentioned as an example in this blog, we can be sure that good web design brings effective results.

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