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9 New Tech Options for Grandparents

Technology is designed to make things easier or better. The benefits of technology typically target areas like communication, entertainment, service efficiency and health and well-being. In spite of these benefits, talking technology and grandparents in the same sentence may seem odd if not incomprehensible.

When buying a tech gadget for grandparents, you have to consider many factors, including usability and tolerance levels. Advances in technology have brought many gadgets that perform various functions at the user’s discretion.

According to the tech news and review website Gear Brain, the 9 most popular tech options for seniors include:

Echo Spot

The Echo Spot from Amazon is a miniature version of Echo. This pleasant little gadget allows grandparents to chat with grandkids. It supports multi device calling and connects to Alexa and other smart devices. The gadget retails at around $130 and is widely available in online stores.

Amazon Fire TV

This instant TV is a great holiday buy for grandparents. Amazon Fire TV supports 4K Ultra HD, integrates with Alexa and delivers a long list of entertainment channels to the viewer’s delight. The channels include Amazon contents, Netflix and Hulu. The device is also easy to install and sells for as little as $40.

Ring Video Doorbell II

The amazing Ring Video Doorbell II is a sensational takeaway that is fast outselling the competition. Grand parents can use the intercom to glimpse around the home before answering the door. This functionality also makes Ring Video Doorbell 2 a smart and safety device. The tracking device is perfect for grandparents, who are constantly busy or on the road.

Eight Smart Mattress

One perfect way to let your grandparents relax and enjoy good sleep is investing in the smart, Eight Mattress. The intelligent mattress knows when you are awake since it is embedded with temperature and pressure sensing technology and a smart alarm. To work more efficiently, the device connects to the smartphone and other smart devices.

August Smart Lock

A number of smart locks promising various benefits have hit the market in recent times. This security enabled key is a huge relief to grandparents prone to misplacing keys. The smart lock works in conjunction with a smartphone, but requires installation prior to usage. The easy to use August Smart Lock starts at $150. However, the pro version sells at a much steeper price of $250.

iRobot Roomba – 980

Grandparents who love robotics will readily enjoy the iRobot Roomba instant helper. The iRobot vacuum cleaner allows the grandparents to relax as the robot does the cleaning. The device is Wi-Fi enabled and can be ordered from home using the Google Assistant or Alexa.

Lyric Smart Thermostat

Lyric Smart Programmable Thermostat can be operated remotely; thus ensuring grandparents come back to a warm house after a long trip away. During the winter months, the Lyric thermostat can be adjusted to save the heating cost. The Wi-Fi enabled thermostat works with Amazon Echo and can be set remotely using a smartphone or other such gadgets. The other attractive add-ons on the new Lyric include the Geofencing and IFTTT features.

The Quell Wearable

For the outgoing grandparent’s conscious about their health and well-being, the Quell Wearable is a perfect gift for all seasons. The FDA approved wearable device is worn on the calf. It works by sending pulses to the nerves, which in turn ease pain in the covered area. It’s effects on easing residual pain caused by shingles and chronic arthritis is still under study.

Nest Cam IQ

The Nest Cam IQ camera lets the user know what is happening at home. This exciting gift is perfect for grandparents who frequently board cruise ships for lengthy periods because it allows them to check what is happening back home. The feature also stores a sizable volume of videos for up to 10 days. The device may be a much better option than asking a neighbor to monitor the happenings around the home. A feature that cost $10 a month can be added on the Nest Aware to send alerts whenever any movement is detected around the home. Nest Cam IQ costs $300, and comes with attractive incentives like free shipping.

The Other Tech Options

The other popular tech options to consider for grandparents, according to a Mashable list includes the simple wearable, Google Home, e-frame picture and the portable charger. The mobile carrier charger can be used on the go. It can charge up to 2 devices and features microUSB and lightning. The e-frame picture, on the other hand, is a sentimental gift that any grandmother will find valuable. The photo device supports the SD card and connects to the Wi-Fi.

Google Home gives users unconstrained access to basic internet searches and tasks. The information can help grandparents perform everyday tasks and stay abreast with the happenings in the tech front. The simple, minimalist wearable can be worn by all users, including seniors. Thanks to the counting feature, the smart wearable can track laps and progressively keep the user healthy when working out. The features are all accessible via the company mobile app.

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