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9 Reasons it is Vital to Migrate Your Email Archives

You occasionally send and receive a lot of emails daily, whether you work in business or not. It’s an efficient method of communicating with friends, employees, family, and clients. Of course, the fact that email can record conversations and act as a database of information is a big reason why it is such a well-liked communication tool for businesses.

Research indicates that message and email systems hold about three-fourths of an organization’s intellectual property. This indicates that it’s critical to safeguard this data rather than discard it. However, retaining that much data can cause your company’s storage systems to become overloaded.

Archiving emails is not new. Why aren’t more companies utilizing the product considering that it has been accessible for a year? Here are a few reasons for archiving emails:


As a server fills up, email data storage can have a major negative impact on performance. The only options are to store them somewhere or to entirely delete them, neither of which is a good idea because important data can be permanently lost. Email archiving, which sends data to a secure server or online cloud environment, is the next option. Some techniques reduce the amount of disc space required for the archive, often by as much as 50%, using deduplication and advanced compression.


Based on the backup techniques you already employ; email archive migration might make data restoration easier and faster. As opposed to current content, historical content requires less storage space. Furthermore, since the mail server isn’t under as much data load, retrieving non-archived emails is simpler and quicker.


The fact that older emails are saved elsewhere and out of sight does not mean they are any less safe than emails that are retained in your inbox. If you have a good email archiving system, your data is permanently preserved, safeguarded, and equipped with top-notch disaster recovery capabilities. To receive the greatest service, seek a supplier with performance, durability, and accessibility, a 99.9% high availability, and a service level contract that is backed by money.


When your servers are flooded with email data, searching for a certain email or subject can be challenging and time-consuming. Additionally, staff no longer must waste time removing emails or moving them to PST files because email box quotas have been removed and automatic email archiving has been enabled. Finally, by giving your employees instant access to archived and backed-up email data, you are removing the need for them to request assistance from the IT department.


Business document maintenance is required by the majority of industries, and since emails usually contain this information, it is forbidden to delete them. Other industries, such as those in the healthcare, banking, pharmaceutical, and energy sectors, are subject to even stricter regulations on the preservation of business records.

End-user Oversight

You may find yourself in a world of difficulty if your staff can choose which emails to keep and which to delete. They can end up deleting crucial data or clogging the server. This kind of staff error can be avoided with the aid of email archiving solutions.

IT Productivity

Because of their extreme workloads, IT administrators are unable to manage their email storage. Your IT staff won’t have to waste time troubleshooting mail server storage problems thanks to email archiving. By taking care of that for them, email archiving frees them up to focus on more important tasks for the company.

Protect Intellectual Property

You and your staff might not be aware that your emails contain IPs. Without an email archiving migration in place, you run the danger of accidentally erasing valuable intellectual property. By archiving emails, you may protect your IP and ensure that the content belongs to your business and not the sender or recipient of the email.

Disaster Recovery

Email archiving safeguards your priceless email communications from corruption if your machine is destroyed or your server malfunctions. You will be able to view all your emails that are safely stored in the email archiving solution if your laptop is lost or stolen.


You must check before choosing a provider for an email archiving service to ensure that it will give a user-friendly solution that puts you in charge and upholds strict security and dependability criteria.

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