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A Better Image Translator than Google Lens

Today if anyone thinks about translation the first through come to mind is using Google Translate to find translations of any language. Google Translate is a dominant force to reckon with that provides an instant translation of a wide range of language pairs.

Google paired the translation with its vision system which gave birth to Google Lens. That enabled users to translate any text that is in an image or in the physical world, by only either uploading the file or pointing the phone’s camera to it.

Today image translation has become necessary, as the world is more connected than ever before thanks to the internet, and images with text have evolved to become a way of communication itself. To tackle the problem of Image Translation, Google Lens was the only option up until now to translate image.

Although Google Lens is doing its best for translating text in the image, one cannot download the translated image from Google Lens to use it somewhere else. We’d like to show you a better way to translate images, a better Image Translator than Google Lens.

The tool we’re going to use to translate image is called ImageTranslate and it is available on the internet itself & can be accessed from any browser on any device. ImageTranslate is a picture translation tool that can translate the text in the image and recreate the same image into different languages with just a snap.

How different is it from Google Lens, well it is very different? First Google Lens is an application-based software that can be used on a mobile device or a table. Yes, google lens is also integrated into the chrome browser now, but generally, it relies upon some kind of software on your device.

And you can only get the translation of the text on Google lens that’s it.

Where else on ImageTranslate you simply have to upload the image, and in under 30 seconds the image will be translated into 40+ different languages. You can upload multiple images at the same time & get them translated into different languages pair as well. The best part is you can download the image and use it everywhere you want.

The primary problem ImageTranslate solves is that, you don’t need a dedicated Translator & Graphic Designer to redesign existing images into different languages, one can simply do that. ImageTranslate preserves the visual element of the image while translating and recreating the image in a different language, and that makes ImageTranslate the best picture translation tool available in the market.

In addition to that ImageTranslate also has a dedicated editor that enables the user to make changes to the translation & make it more accurate, choose different fonts for the text, change font color, size, and alignment & even change the text style making it either bold or italic as per choice.

This flexibility is now available on Google Lens, it only describes the translation that’s it.

ImageTranslate also has a feature such as magic erasure, that helps the user to remove any unwanted entity from the image. Usually one needs to use complex photo editing software to make this simple edit, but ImageTranslate can do it with one click.


If simply want to know the translation of the text in the image then hands down Google Lens is the best application to get that. But if you want to translate an image then ImageTranslate is the tool you should go for. ImageTranslate is a better Image Translator than anything on the market right now and it can help you streamline the entire process.

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